Dancing With The Ego
Dancing With The Ego
Beyond the limited awareness of your ego you are beautiful, you are valued, you are enough and you are loved unconditionally
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Imagine yourself standing perfectly still. Suddenly, without any provocation your inner ego steps out and takes on a life of its own. It tells you to ignore the dance, to not laugh, to disregard the direction your heart leans toward. You are compelled to stay only in the past. You are told, “do not discover the newness that seeks to discover you.” Dancing With the Ego sets the stage to recognize two parts that make up your present. You and your ego stand face to face. Your ego stands as a calculating search engine for the data of life experiences you have compiled over years. Your ego is there to remind you of the years of life experiences. The ego will inform you of your capabilities and your inabilities. You are standing side by side with your ego. Do you choose to dance, or will you choose to sit this one out? When dancing you will need to determine who this partner is. You will sift through the words, feelings, and thoughts that jump out at you. You will be challenged to accept who your ego has become. You will be challenged to begin a series of new steps reprogramming your past. You will be challenged to displace the past with a present that informs a new direction. Carl Deline

There is only one you and only one dance for you and your ego. You cannot be separated from your ego, and your ego cannot be ignored. It does not negotiate or think. Your ego is simply a storage cabinet where you have been keeping your valuables since you were born. Think of it as a computer or an iPad. You have folders in directories that contain a vast amount of data obtained from many sources. When you want to access a file, you simply go to the directory, open the file, and retrieve the information. The computer doesn’t tell you what to do with the information. It takes instructions from you. It may prompt you to correct spelling or tell you that a file is not available at the moment, but it does your bidding. When you delete a file, it is because the file no longer has value. When you create a file, the new information is now readily available just as the information stored for ages was. The computer doesn’t care if the file is new or old. It simply retrieves the information you request. This is comparable to the role of your ego: it holds the data you have collected about who you are and makes the information available whenever you seek it.

This dance can be a slow dance, an awkward dance, a two-step, or a fast-swinging polka. Your genuine self and your ego must work in unison to find the rhythm that flows uniquely for you. It is your dance, not mine, not your parents’, not your boss’s, or your partner’s. It’s yours and yours alone. You choose the music, the tempo, and the vocals. The music is in you, activated by your energy, thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

Bernice M. Winter, Calgary, Alberta. The author has moved graciously beyond many obstacles, grateful for a history that propelled her to discover who she genuinely is. The author enjoys a career as a successful speaker and business woman who knows firsthand the value of learning from and sharing the experiences life deals you.

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