Katherine's Winter Garden
Katherine's Winter Garden
Saddle Stitch Softcover
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Katherine Murphy is a young girl living in New England in 1885. Most of the burden of the farm is on her shoulders, now that her mom has fallen ill.

A wonderful herb grows in the garden that helps Katherine’s mom’s ailment. Late fall is upon them, and the garden is dying. Katherine must find a way to keep this herb alive. Will her encounter with a large pine and mysterious lights hold the key to a cure for her mother?

Katherine's eyes were fixed on the area beneathe the pine branches. Sure enough .....there was a flicker.....then another. As silent as a cat, she moved towards the lights. She went around the vegetable garden and neared the big pine. As she moved closer she could hear noises. Was it humming? Could they be voices? The sounds were not clear. She crawled on her hands and knees so that she wouldn't be noticed. It was difficult to see but there was definitely something there. She crept a little closer. What were they?
Lois Bardsley-Sirois is a retired teacher from Rhode Island, where she earned her MAT from Rhode Island College. As a young teacher, she wrote this story, created from the inspiration of the forest where Lois lives in Foster, Rhode Island, and also from the encouragement of her young students. Lois still lives in Foster and now owns a studio for her creative endeavors.

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