All the Flavours Of Love
All the Flavours Of Love
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Loving reminder that love is every where all the time ,some people have for gotten and some have for gotten how. Beyond the words and beautifully matched illustrations ,this precious book promises to fill you up to over flowing with Love.

"Kim's books on love is such a joy to the senses. It's like curling up with a warm blanket on a windy evening watching flames dance across the crackling wood in the fireplace. You can feel the warmth, see the glow and be transformed by all the love that surrounds you. "All the Flavours of Love" is truly the flavours of life itself because love is all there is. Thank you, Kim, for your gift of the heart. You are such a light in the world."

Arielle Faith Michael, Hawaii Manager of Heart based schooling.

"I am an OSCAR (Out of School Care & Reacreation) Centre Manager in the Auckland Region. These books are amazing and I have implemented them into our childrens lives through our programmes. We follow the books, live the books and help the children feel the books in their everyday lives. What an amazing thing to be doing. Thank you Kimaya for your incredible books. Thank you for sharing your love and helping us to grow through loving all. Heart felt appreciation to the incredily vibrant and enthusiastic woman you are."

-Vicky Douglas, NZ

Love is in the air that I breathe

Some Love I can feel and some Love I can touch,

Some Love I can see Some Love I can hear

One Love lives always inside of me, always and forever near.

This world and the people in it are full of Love.

Some people know this and some have forgotten

Some people show this and some have forgotten how.

Here is the plot; the more Love that I notice in everyone, in everything

The more my heart can sing and the more Love this will bring

Life is a journey and mine has been an eventful one from a very young age ,making me who I am today and for that I am grateful.

I have a vast wellspring of life experiences to draw from.

Through all my work and travels I’ve always gravitated towards rolls that focus on mind, body ,soul. I have a number of qualifications and have worked in a wide variety of industries and careers but in all my work there has been a constant theme of holistic health and well being.

My love and aptitude for writing blossomed with my husbands help we published my first two books in New Zealand 2006.

It is a life long goal of mine to contribute to a more fulfilling education system.

My life is a dream come true, I live with my family and animals on a small farm in Tauranga New Zealand over looking the sea.

We have a deep connection with each other, home ,land and animals.We grow our own foods.

Inspiration is every where. We are completely supported and lovingly guided in every way.

I am fulfilled and want to share my gifts and knowledge with others. Who ever you are ,where ever you live ,what ever your age.

I simply love to assist


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