I'm Here for the Bath presents a look into the support of hospice patients and their families from the perspective of a hospice aide who provides hands-on bedside care. Hopefully, this look inside the world of hospice care might bring the topic of end-of-life care to the table in a way that inspires, supports, and informs anyone, particularly those facing such end-of-life issues.
There is no question that life can be challenging. It is hard not to spend our days dreaming about what could be possible without all the negative experiences, people, and stories weighing us down, craving a connection to God or Spirit or the Universe, and determining how to wipe the slate clean and start again, creating the exceptional life we all know we deserve.
Have you ever reached a point in your life where you just wanted to take off? Have you ever wanted to simply take off from your life and leave everything behind? You know…the moment when you say to yourself, “That’s it! I’m done! I’m outta here and I’m going to go live my own life for once!” Greg Frucci discusses his journey
Balboa Press Author John Norseman talks about his book “Journey of a Shaman” and how he’s using his intuition and insight to help others through his channeled words. Learn more about how John found his calling and followed his heart by setting sail across the Atlantic.