The Mindfulness Response: Inner Happiness Every Day will give you the tools that you will need to live a life that is both enriching and meaningful. The mindfulness response technique that you will easily learn and adapt into your daily life will assist you in dealing with everyday problems that we all face as well as major issues that will eventually come your way.
In I Believe in Miracles, author Deidre Spencer shares the knowledge she gained in her fight against cancer and she provides the tools necessary to discover how to heal. I Believe in Miracles is a journey of self-discovery, trauma, and self-healing; Deidre believes that if she can do it, so can others.
Rebecca Tripp is a self-proclaimed “metaphysical junkie,” and an avid teacher and student of metaphysics, magic, and miracles. Her thirty-five year career as a “sky goddess” with United Airlines, combined with her love of travel, set the stage for her amazing manifestation of a life lived intentionally. Her life experience and deep sense of spiritual connection have helped hundreds of people discover the power of thought and reclaim the power to create their lives.
Using words as wands, the wildly talented artist, performer, visionary, mystic and magic maker Erica Sarzin-Borrillo offers a feast of life in all its stages and surprises. Here is truth telling wrought in poetic images and stunning cadence. The Goddess takes up residence in this potent book and the reader is never the same.