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Ascension is an inspiring story of how to heal your life mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This transformational book contains three sections. Section I explores the shadow self that develops within a family afflicted with addiction, narcissism or other forms of abuse and spiritual darkness. Section II, by sharing excerpts from her re-awakening and the divine guidance that led her to a path of healing. The final section is dedicated to writing new chapters in your book of life.
Lessons from Your Last Life
" this memoir, Diana Scanlan leads you on a spiritual journey from the United Kingdom to an entirely new continent, where she met her soulmate and life partner. Diana has always felt a strong connection with the universe and the earth, but it was not until she began paying attention to messages, insights, and lessons from her last life that she was able to overcome the toughest challenges in this one. "
The Energetic Fertility Method
The Energetic Fertility Method™: Tools for a Healthy Conception and Beyond synthesizes principles of energy medicine and applies them to fertility to help you conceive. Using the chakra system as a guide, it presents step-by-step advice on how to gain a deeper awareness of your body, mind and spirit in order to bring then into alignment for a healthy conception.
A Meditation Journey for Beginners
Meditation is a technique and a journey. This is a step-by-step, seven-week program and workbook. You are about to begin a journey you are destined to succeed at. It is your true adventure—the adventure of you! Throughout this adventure, you will discover and rediscover what you have always known: your own truth. It starts with your very own meditation journey.
Out of the Fog
Magic in the Moonlight
Magic in the Moonlight is a mystical tale of magic; a story of love, friendship, faith, and trust in wishes granted. This story was told to the author by Barn Owl at Barn Hill, Western Australia, under the magic of the full moon. Barn Owl granted her the gift of understanding and permission to share this with you.
The Day, Month, and Year
Most of us wonder why we are here and what life is all about. It is possible to answer these questions through the application of astrology and numerology to life events. These ancient sciences can affect and shape our lives, and author Jade Ashcroft can show you how.
Enlightenment, awareness, mindfulness—we’re all familiar with the terms, but what’s their true meaning? How do they relate to your life? Is it possible to achieve such elevated states? In Awaken, Jin Nua takes you on his own personal journey of discovery, a transformation in which his spirit is awakened … and begins to soar. With Awaken you have real means to create the remarkable life you always wanted. We invite you along for the journey.
Faith, Hope, and Love
A sculptor sees the beautiful statue: the image of a Jesus, a Buddha, a Rama, a Krishna, or a Sai hidden in a boulder. All his effort is essentially to remove the obscuring rock and release the image that was all along within. The Lord himself is the Divine Sculptor. The world is the Sculptor's studio; life and the experiences it affords are the tools used by the Divine Sculptor to chisel out the excess rock and release the divine image trapped in the human boulder. This is a story of such transformation from unhewn self to radiant Self. A portion of the book proceeds will be used towards the Clean India Mission Village
I'm Here for the Bath
I'm Here for the Bath presents a look into the support of hospice patients and their families from the perspective of a hospice aide who provides hands-on bedside care. Hopefully, this look inside the world of hospice care might bring the topic of end-of-life care to the table in a way that inspires, supports, and informs anyone, particularly those facing such end-of-life issues.
The Miracle Worker's Handbook
There is no question that life can be challenging. It is hard not to spend our days dreaming about what could be possible without all the negative experiences, people, and stories weighing us down, craving a connection to God or Spirit or the Universe, and determining how to wipe the slate clean and start again, creating the exceptional life we all know we deserve.
Love Conquers All
Love Conquers All is a story about a white woman finding a long-lost black friend after twenty-eight years.
Suicide Tsunami
Shrouded in secrecy, stigma, and shame, suicide not only can be almost impossible to discuss openly, it also challenges many of our most fundamental values.
Fields of Summer Dreams
If life is just a dream, can you change
your life plan with awareness?
Can you change the past—or the future?
What if you knew the key to turn your
Dreams into your living reality?
From Type A to Type T
Are you yearning for ways to make a difference and feel more fulfilled? Do you feel like something's missing in your life but don't know what it is? This book provides the tools so people can figure out their own unique purpose, their own unique leadership gifts to make a difference and contribute to the world. From Type A to Type T provides an in-depth guide to making changes personally and professionally.