Author Interviews

How To Choose Love When You Just Want To Slap Somebody."
Balboa Press author Diane Haworth talks about how she kept motivated as she wrote her book, "How To Choose Love When You Just Want To Slap Somebody." She shares how she felt when she got in the mindset to write, and how Balboa Press offered support when publishing her book.
Path of Three Hundred
Author Greg Frucci talks about the lessons he learned about himself on a spontaneous sailing adventure. He also explains how this inspiration led him to write “Path of Three Hundred.”
First Kill All the Lawyers
Katie Law Goodwin explains the inspiration for her book, "First Kill All the Lawyers." Goodwin talks about the ugly event of divorce, why you should represent yourself instead of hiring a lawyer and the power of positive thinking. Goodwin also tells how Balboa Press helped her to perfect her book.
Path of Three Hundred
Have you ever reached a point in your life where you just wanted to take off? Have you ever wanted to simply take off from your life and leave everything behind? You know…the moment when you say to yourself, “That’s it! I’m done! I’m outta here and I’m going to go live my own life for once!” Greg Frucci discusses his journey
Journey of a Shaman
Balboa Press Author John Norseman talks about his book “Journey of a Shaman” and how he’s using his intuition and insight to help others through his channeled words. Learn more about how John found his calling and followed his heart by setting sail across the Atlantic.
The House of Gathering
Using words as wands, the wildly talented artist, performer, visionary, mystic and magic maker Erica Sarzin-Borrillo offers a feast of life in all its stages and surprises. Here is truth telling wrought in poetic images and stunning cadence. The Goddess takes up residence in this potent book and the reader is never the same.
Secrets of a Metaphysical Flight Attendant
Rebecca Tripp is a self-proclaimed “metaphysical junkie,” and an avid teacher and student of metaphysics, magic, and miracles. Her thirty-five year career as a “sky goddess” with United Airlines, combined with her love of travel, set the stage for her amazing manifestation of a life lived intentionally. Her life experience and deep sense of spiritual connection have helped hundreds of people discover the power of thought and reclaim the power to create their lives.
Monastery to Matrimony
MARY ANN WEAKLEY, who was first a nun, then an ex-nun, searched for spirituality in and out of the convent. She found empowerment in courageous decision-making when starting her life over. Anyone faced with a painful life change, whether domestic, religious, or occupational, will find encourageme
The Treasure Within
Before discovering the world, it’s more exciting to discover the incredible world within your inner being. Are you striving to achieve your goals and attain abundance in health, wealth, inner peace, and happiness? This transformational journey guides you into your limitless potential, natural self-healing abilities, inner beauty, and your essence of peace, love, joy, and abundance.
How to Choose Love When You Just Want to Slap Somebody
Diane L Haworth discusses her book “How to Choose Love When You Just Want to Slap Somebody”How to Choose Love When You Just Want to Slap Somebody uses humor, real-life stories, and exercises to help you understand where you get stuck, and to help you understand how to get unstuck by consciously connecting to the energy of love.
It's All About Me
Gerald M Reiche discusses his book “It’s All About Me”. Some of the comments about the book: A must have! An easy-to-follow guide that helps you realize your path to purpose and fulfillment!” “An insightful journey in overcoming obstacles that keep you from a life of happiness.” “Finally, a book that showed ME how to attract the life I really wanted.”
The Living Rainbow
Amy Stewart talks about her book "The Living Rainbow" that is a magical journey through our chakra system and our eternal connection to God. While uniting eastern and western philosophies, enjoy a whimsical tale about a child who is shown the interconnectedness between himself and all of life’s wonders.
Are You Listening? Life Is Talking to You!
Are you over-scheduled, focused on the past, or over-emotional? Qualified counsellor Phoebe Hutchison wants to help you live your best possible life. In this guide, she shares easy-to-use strategies to help you.
The Pink Toolbox
The Pink Toolbox can save you thousands of dollars and excessive time spent searching for tools that may help you be happy and successful by putting success tools and processes in one easy-to-read book. You can begin to change your life the same day you pick up the book. The Pink Toolbox teaches you the basics of EFT, along with how to visualize for real results, what your Chakras are, and how to use your energy centers for health and happiness. The Pink Toolbox goes beyond the Law of Attraction and guides you through a few simple exercises to get to the core of who you are and what you really want.
So, Why Become Vegan?
While walking on a beach in Bali, a friend asked me – “S0, why did you become a vegan?” It was at that moment that I thought to write this book. The answer to that question is a combination of everything that I had come to understand in my life. We all need to become more aware of the impact our choices are making upon ourselves, the earth and every living thing on it. The health and well being of all living creatures depends on these choices. A vegan lifestyle is as cruel-free as possible, environmentally friendly and extremely healthy. This book will take you on a confronting and informative journey from which there may be no return. Stimulate your thoughts, challenge old belief patterns and allow your awareness to expand and the path will appear, and so might the question – So, why become vegan?