Free to Be Me
Free to Be Me
A Book for Teens & Tweens
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Being a teenager has its ups and downs. Being stuck between childhood and adulthood, it's hard to know where to fit in. It's an awkward and insecure time of life. There is the desire for independence coupled with a fear of standing out. Free to Be Me: A Book for Teens and Tweens uses relatable cartoon characters to discuss real issues such as stress, peer pressure, bullying, and teen fears. It also offers constructive ways adults can better support teens. Free to Be Me validates the thoughts and experiences teens face on a day-to-day basis. While individual experiences may differ, the overall issues faced do not. Hopefully, the discussions within the book's pages prove helpful not just to teens but also to the adults in their worlds.
Hi, my name is Sunny and my name is Ray, we are a couple of average teenagers. We know firsthand how challenging the teen years can be. You're not a little kid anymore but you're not an adult yet either. You're hormones are causing all sorts of weird changes in your body. Maybe you've got pimples, braces or worse, both. You've had a crazy growth spurt and outgrown kid's clothes but don't quite fit into adult clothes, so your wardrobe is let's face it, a disaster. You feel awkward and insecure, wondering where you fit in. The last thing you want is to stand out for any reason and yet you want your voice to be heard. We totally get it, that's why we recently got together and came up with five questions that address some key issues teens face. We each answered these questions and shared our individual experiences. We brainstormed some ways adults can better support teens. We also discussed ideas for programs that could be implemented to better support teens. We found this discussion useful, as it allowed us to voice our thoughts and experiences concerning issues we face on a day to day basis as teens. What we realized by simply talking to one another is that we are not alone. While our individual experiences may have been different, the overall issues we faced were not. We hope our discussion proves helpful not just to our fellow teens but also for the adults in their worlds.
Tara is a licensed clinical pharmacist who has been practicing for over 15 years in various settings. Tara received her Bachelors in Pharmacy from the University of Connecticut at Storrs, her PharmD from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy/Allied Health, her MBA from Fairfield University and her Ayurvedic Health Practitioner certification from the Natural Healing College. Additionally, Tara is a certified Reiki Master of Dr. Usui's System of Natural Healing and she has certification in Cranio-sacral Therapy with the Upledger Institute. Tara also practices EFT/Tapping, a hands on healing technique that balances and realigns energy. Tara incorporates Alternative Therapies into the scope of her practice as a Pharmacist to improve the health and well-being of her clients. Tara strives to educate her clients and to facilitate their physical, spiritual and emotional health and growth as they move along their own path towards enlightenment. Tara's practice is inspired by her life-long commitment to health and wellness. She is a dedicated, compassionate and devoted healthcare professional and healer. She takes a unique approach to healing with each client based on their need by using both her knowledge of medications, herbs and supplements and Alternative Therapies. Tara believes that each individual holds the power to heal themselves and that by honoring the body, mind and spirit many miraculous awakenings can occur.

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