The Mark of God
The Mark of God
Conversations with Win
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Acceptance of self, forgiveness of self, and the direction of the will...this is the path towards the disciplined personality. The Law Of One
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Greetings To All, My name is Win Ruffin and I am an author of ‘Authentic Spiritual Self-Knowledge'. I say authentic self-knowledge because my books are based on my own experiences, those that guided me to my own spiritual enlightenment. I have always wanted to be a writer, but never really knew what to write about. I enjoy reading and realize that the most interesting stories to me are the ones about personal spiritual enlightenment based on "real life" experiences. I am not a "traditional" writer, in that I prefer to write in a "conversational" style. Hence, "The Mark of God: Conversations with Win" series. I attended Barton College with a major in Religion and Philosophy, and a minor in English; and UNCG for Humanities. I'm not a pastor or preacher, but I know God and His Word. However, I prefer studying the ancient esoteric texts which has aided me in my spiritual growth. I write from my heart, sometimes using language that most would not prefer, nor understand its use. But, it's ‘real talk' and my truth. Amen! My books are full of truth that promotes tears and laughter.

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