Vibrant Self-Leadership
Vibrant Self-Leadership
Reinventing Ourselves to Reinvent Our Organizations
Perfect Bound Softcover
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This book is about journeying on the path of self-leadership. Free enterprise offers us a vehicle to operate in a more efficient manner together by empowering all representatives of an organization. But can we hope to transform our organizations into environments that demonstrate the values of collaboration and joy if we are not also willing to transform ourselves? What if accepting the responsibility of our sovereignty led us to fundamentally question our way of being and the choices we're making every day both individually and collectively? Where is the support for transitioning to these newer collectives where interdependency is key? Developing vibrant self-leadership means empowering ourselves through making better choices, which enhance our well-being. This comes through understanding who we are and unleashing our passions and potential. Increased consciousness, however, means that we can no longer ignore the impact that we also have on those around us. What is our role in building the vibrant organizations that we wish so deeply to be part of? Why would we want to stay in discomfort when there are alternatives available to us? Through her experience of supporting learning within organizations and her breadth of personal development knowledge, Nadia Joynson shares her experience and practical examples to support individuals and organizations through transitions. Long fascinated by the balance between freedom and interdependence, Nadia shares her unique perspective of how to arrive at more authenticity and connection in our daily lives in order to cocreate in more harmonious and constructive ways.
The Four Pillars of Self-Leadership Self-Leadership is about fundamentally owning one's reality, along with the related responsibility to oneself and others. This means recognising and acting on the corresponding choices we have at any moment in order to empower ourselves. Making responsible, loving choices from the point of view of oneself and the collective is an adult thing to do. On this basis, we fundamentally need to learn to "parent" ourselves so that the choices we are making are not driven by reactions, the projections that we place on others, or dictated by the world around us. This is why it's about being before doing. Our foundations of self-mastery provide a solid basis on which we can build many wonderful creations together. Here we talk about how to do that by developing ourselves through the four key domains of : Calm, Connect, Collaborate, and Create. Each builds on another so that when we find a state of inner calm and truly connect to know ourselves, we can then meet others in a more authentic way. Even with the best of intentions, however, it can be useful to look to how we are meeting others to collaborate and create together in order that we can do so more fluidly and for the benefit of all.
Nadia is passionate about people, their stories, the strength to be gained from their diversity and their capacity to evolve. As such, she has come to specialize in the fields of culture, personal development, self-direction and co-creation. As a pragmatist she strives to achieve self-help and sustainable solutions. Ones that connect head and heart! She has travelled extensively, and worked in a variety of business contexts during her career, from creative, to highly analytical, to people-focused, in both public and private sectors. Consequently, she has developed a talent for finding synergies across disciplines in order to emerge new possibilities, so she invariably finds herself serving as a catalyst for change. The main? strength of her experience, however, lies in the teams with whom she's had the enormous pleasure to work with and lead, and her network of fabulous people from all walks of life that she continuously enjoys growing with! When she's not travelling, she lives in Paris with her two children.

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