The Road to Enlightenment
The Road to Enlightenment
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Robert Wallace has led a comfortable, but ordinary life – and then everything changed. His company asked him to relocate from his Home Counties base to Austria. As a divorced father of two young children this meant a new approach to work, fatherhood and culture shock as he explores life in a new country. Little did he know that this was also the first step on his spiritual journey to enlightenment. The Tarot cards signpost his journey with the story following Robert's ups and downs as he tries to come to terms with a different lifestyle, long-distance parenting and the gradual revelation of another kind of life.
This is the story of Robert Wallace an Englishman who sets out on a new adventure to live in a small town of St. Michael in Obersteiermark, a part of Styria situated in the south of Austria. The story tracks the challenges of being an expatriate living and working in an unfamiliar culture and language. The story describes Robert's struggles, successes, development and discovery as he explores his own spiritual awareness. The day-to-day events, new friendships, work relationships and his efforts to retain a close relationship with his children, who are still in England are reflected in body, mind and soul during this period of his life.
Troy Seale was born in Essex, England. He relocated to the European continent during his adult years. Studies include Mediumship and Metaphysics. He attended the spiritual and physic learning facilities at Stansted in the UK, ‘The Arthur Findlay College,' and furthered his education with studies at ‘Ershamstar' in Folkstone, UK, and the ‘College of Intuitive Studies' in Salzburg, Austria.
Thta's going to make things a lot easier from here on out.

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