Give A Shift
Give A Shift
10 Simple Steps To An Abundant Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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"I have met so many people over the years who are stuck living a life they don't like, but they have no idea what to do about it. Actually, I was one of them. And what I realized was that each of us has the ability to create the life we want but never thought possible. I created a system that I used to transform my life, called Give a Shift, and I am now teaching others how they too can create lives bigger and better than they ever imagined." -Megan Smith Gill In shattering five of the most common myths by which so many people live their lives, Megan Smith Gill has been able to transform her reality from sacrifice to affluence, creating a life more abundant than she ever thought possible. In this, her first book, Megan Smith Gill shares the ten-step process she designed and adopted for herself, which has allowed her to reach levels of joy, happiness, peace, and affluence that she had only dreamed of before. It is a process certain to transform the lives of anyone who follows it. Simple and practical, yet profoundly impactful, Smith Gill's Give A Shift program will delight and surprise readers every step of the way. Get ready to bust through the fallacies that may be holding you back, and dream bigger than you ever imagined. It's time to transform your life. It's time to start Give A Shift.
Life lessons. Rules of thumb. Words to live by. Call them whatever you want. I am referring to these widespread beliefs nearly all human beings are taught-or somehow led to believe--regardless of country, race, or religion. These so called rules of life seem to have been around since the dawn of time, and they continue to permeate and penetrate the very fiber of our world. Until now. What am I referring to? The five mirages I refer to as the five BullSHIfts that the majority of people on this planet walk around believing and living by. Five myths that dramatically shape the lives of everyone who believes, or ever believed them, myself included. In fact, it is quite likely that you have fallen prey to believing each of them right now. And it could be the fact that you hold these fallacies to be true that is ultimately getting in the way of living the life of your dreams. And I am here to bust these myths right now, and open your eyes-and your world up-to new possibilities! BullSHIFT #1: Life is handed TO you, and there is nothing you can do about it. Most people believe that their life consists of a series of either good or bad luck events that they have very little control over. They go through each day as the passenger, not the captain, of their own ship of life. They react to situations rather than creating their desired outcomes. And I am here to call Bull SHIFT on that myth right now. Reality check: You have an amazing power within that, when understood, gives you the ability to create a life bigger and better than you ever thought possible. Each person comes into this life as an individual being that is merely a single expression of something much bigger, like a single wave that, although unique, is connected to the whole ocean. And it is from this source that everyone can design the life he or she only dared to dream about before. And in this book, I will show you exactly how. BullSHIFT #2: To get anything in life, you must compete fiercely for it Most people are led to believe that there are a finite number of resources available to each of use, and that all that ever will be already exists. In other words, whatever is already here in this world is all that there will ever be, and so we must compete fiercely with one another to claim our fair share before someone else gets it first. And this too, my friends, is BULL Shift! Reality check: There are infinite resources available for everyone everywhere on the planet, and the world keeps creating again and again. This means that how much one person has is completely independent and unrelated to how much or how little another person has. For me, this was one of the most liberating, most freeing concepts I have ever learned. Because what it actually means is that there is no need for competition, really. More on that later. BullSHIFT #3: Don't ask for more than your fair share in life because doing so would make you selfish and greedy This belief stems from the fact that somehow along the way, living a life of sacrifice, lack and limitation has become noble or something. It's as if sacrifice has somehow gotten confused with sharing or generosity. To dream BIG and want abundance in our lives is perceived as selfish and greedy. Bull SHIFT again! Nothing could be further from the truth. Reality check: Abundance is our birthright, and creating as much abundance in our lives is in line with the very highest level of Universal consciousness. The Universe wants you to be abundant-wants each of us to be abundant, and then to share your abundance with your family, relatives, friends, society and the world! The more abundant you are, the more you have to give and share with others. Sacrifice and limitation regress mankind. Abundance makes the world flourish! BullSHIFT #4: Your thoughts, feelings and intentions are private and have no impact on your present reality. This is a big one that most people fall victim to believing, and I am calling BULL shift on this as well! Reality check: Your present reality is merely the result of your past thinking. That's right. Your present reality is merely the result of all of your past thoughts, past feelings, and past intentions. But the good news is that you have the ability to change your reality by changing your thoughts. I hope I have peeked your interest here because there are lots more on this to come later on in the book! And finally, BullSHIFT #5: You should never allow yourself to dream too big, or you might "jinx" the outcome. I have no idea how or why the world has become one superstitious ball of ridiculous jinxing, but it has. I know, because I lived in the jinx world for many years. So many people go around believing as if the world is conspiring against us, and is not for us. And I am definitely calling Bull SHIFT on all of this right now. Reality check: Holding yourself back from dreaming bigger than you ever imagined is what is actually holding you back; and thinking the outcome "won't happen" so you don't jinx it is what is actually prevents you from realizing your dreams. Stick with me and I'll show exactly how to break free from the curse of the jinx later in this book. I have spent nearly all of my life believing in these myths, and therefore, living a life in accordance with them. But what I discovered along the way is nothing short of miraculous.
Living most of her life by the mirage of myths so many people believe, Megan lived an outwardly successful life, but was left with a deep feeling of longing on the inside. It was this longing for more fulfillment, greater happiness and inner peace that set Megan out on a quest to find deeper meaning in life, and to create the life she always wanted but never thought possible. On her path of awakening, Megan was able to bust the myths that had been holding her back from living the life of her dreams, and developed a ten-step process that transformed her life called GIVE A SHIfT: Give gratitude, Incorporate meditation, visualize what you want, engage in daily affirmations, articulate positive intentions for others, Stop the negativity, Help and serve as many people as possible, invest in intentional thinking, Foster continuous learning, and Transmit feelings of love. Not only did Megan create the process, but she follows it daily, and is now sharing it with the world so that others can awaken their dreams and learn how to create lives bigger and better than they ever imagined. Megan's mission is to raise the consciousness of the entire planet, one mind at a time. Megan lives in Connecticut with her husband, Michael, daughters Molly and Maisey, and their Samoyed puppy named Pippa. For more information, visit

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