Grandma, Me and Tree
Grandma, Me and Tree
Perfect Bound Softcover
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As an artist, Grandma spent countless hours searching the woods for wildlife to draw. Always having believed there was a link with nature and humans, she encounters a special tree that proved her theories and gave her more than she even bargained for. Read along as Grandma shares a story that changed her life and made believers of her three grandchildren in the mystical powers of nature.
Grandma was an artist who loved nature. She would take short trips into the woods searching for some hidden river or pond she thought nobody else knew about to sketch ducks and frogs or butterflies... Surprised at what Grandma just said, our eyes opened wide. Aila dropped her thumb from her mouth. We wanted to know more out of curiosity, but were all still in awe at the possibilities. "The American Indians and the Celtic people of Ireland, Scotland and England all believed that trees have a personality, and if we listen close, the trees will ‘speak' to us." At first I was wondering where Ireland was, until she said "speak" to us..."Do you believe me kids?" Of course. We believe, we all wanted to say! You're Grandma! "The Tree couldn't hold back any longer; a nub on its side unlocked thick bark to expose a mouth that laughed out loud! The silence of the woods was broken. The ducks went back to constant chatter, the frogs chirped, and the butterflies seemed too appear from nowhere." "Listen to me, kids." Grandma's voice sounded serious. "No matter what, you MUST believe. Believe in yourself and your own special talents and abilities." "Use your imagination to create all that you want in life." "If you are by yourself feeling tired, like you need a friend, go back to the pond." "I promise you, you will find what you need there." With that, Aila looked seriously at Grandma and asked, I can believe I am a princess?" Grandma laughed out loud, "Of course, you can sweetheart. Of course, you can."
Jerry Pociask has led an eclectic lifestyle. His love of nature and his interests in Native American spirituality and Celtic lore often conflicted with the need to work within the constraints of the corporate world. Eventually, he found a satisfying balance. Leaving the corporate life, he rekindled his desire to help others see and achieve their own greatness. A Life Coach with over 10,000 hours, including working with the developmentally disabled and many military veterans, he learned the simple basics of what brings meaning to one's life. A term as Chairman of the Board for the Grand Traverse Boys and Girls Club in northern Michigan allowed him the opportunity to work with local native tribes, fueling his affinity for native spirituality. His first book titled Call Me Grandpa explored reflections on being a father and then the prospect of being a grandfather. Grandma, Me and Tree expands his thoughts on native and Celtic lore and the connections between man and nature. Both stories have been well received including numerous accolades from reviewers like Amy Shannon and C.K. Webb.
I enjoyed this short story immensely. It may have been short but the journey of reading it captured a lifetime. Grandma. Everyone has their own memories or relationships with "Grandma" and this story reminds this reader of those memories and connections. I fell in love with his Grandma and loved her stories, as I read it through the authors narrative. As Grandma says "we MUST believe in our dreams and in ourselves at every moment." Truer words were never spoken. Excuse me while I read it again.
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