After the Invisible Brain Injury
After the Invisible Brain Injury
What It Is and Different Modalities to Heal
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This book is the cutting edge of knowledge about alternative and effective strategies for recovery from a brain injury. After a brain injury, it can turn one's world upside down. This book allows readers to understand symptoms of brain injury, how the brain heals, different types of treatment modalities, and how hypnosis influences recover in brain injury.
This book describes the brain and its functioning covering the following topics: 1. Biology of the Brain 2. The Brain Applied to Everyday Life 3. The Brain in Emergency Situations 4. The Injured Brain 5. How the Brain Heals 6. The Use of Tools and Compensation Skills to Heal 7. How to Awaken and Rewire the Brain 8. How to Use Your Brain to Promote Healing 9. The Brain: Emotions and Memory
Sheryl Gallo is a licensed clinical psychologist/neuropsychologist specializing in diagnosis and treatment of neurocognitive disorders and brain injury. She received her Doctorate of Psychology from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and holds two Master degrees in clinical and forensic Psychology. She has a private practice in New Jersey. Elaine Billy is a consultant and hypnocounselor specializing in communication, relationships, motivation and empowerment. Her credentials include: A Bachelors Degree of Science in Management with a minor in Psychology from Rutgers University, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Certified Clinical Master Hypnocounselor, Certified Master Motivational Specialist and Recipient of Order of Braid one of the highest designations a hypnotist can achieve. After a lucrative career in the insurance industry, Elaine left her upper management position to enter the field of healing modalities.

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