Hype an Ayahuasca Journey
Hype an Ayahuasca Journey
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Hype an Ayahuasca Journey is one woman's account of her journey with Mother Ayahuasca while on a shamanic cleanse retreat in Cusco, Peru. After having an emergency appendectomy, Carla was drawn to the trip she had seen advertised in an email newsletter from a meditation retreat center she visited years prior. She took a leap and let the universe take her on this wild adventure. Little did she know that it would help her prepare for her beloved's diagnosis, decline, and transition from a journey with cancer. Hype an Ayahuasca Journey is essentially the journal Carla wrote to her love, Shem Kellogg, instead of any other form of communication. She let him know that if she had anything to communicate to him, she would do so in the journal, and now she wants to communicate it to you.
Pa, I can't just talk about this with anyone + I hope you won't talk about it openly either. I think my favorite non-shaman bits were how they served mashed avocado with most meals and the private concert by Chaquira + his band. I am still in shock! I was essentially taken out of the matrix. It felt like that - like I left my body. We are light. I am not afraid of anything anymore. AND, a lot of this earth stuff doesn't matter so much anymore. I hope you don't think I am crazy. LOL Salva was saying how these commercialized practices don't prepare people and that their minds (are blown crossed out) explode. I can see how that can happen. Jaya said during yoga that one should surrender. I totally did! That makes things much easier. This is all so hard to believe. There seems to be truth in the movies - The Matrix and Avatar.
Carla Mora now lives in Unity, NH. She spent most of her life living in Boston, MA where she had a challenging childhood. It led to her working on personal development with passion, for many years. She left the business world behind after 16 years to pursue a career as a health coach. Through learning in books, with people, and plant medicine, she has found that her life's purpose is to help anyone she can avoid or stop suffering.

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