The Heart of a King
The Heart of a King
Perfect Bound Softcover
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It's an ageless storybook of bravery, discovery, and love, highlighted by lush, detailed, and whimsical illustrations that hearken back to the golden age of illustration. This is a book for all ages to be cherished for generations, a book for our time, and a book for all time. Please just glance inside.
The Heart of a King harkens back to the golden age of illustration with a modern sensibility. The words flow smoothly and it is nearly impossible not to breath deeply and slowly while reading or listening. Perfect helping young ones settle after a busy day. The artwork "works" at a glance. Due to the detail though, it seems something new if found every time you see the illustrations. Ultimately, it is about the strength and power of love - "...It's the magic that lives in empty space, the dance 'tween everything. It is the smallest smile on the smallest face and the sound made when planets sing..."
Brian Dyker Brown is an accomplished illustrator. He has given numerous educational classes in schools on the importance and impact of poetry and art in children's (and adults) lives. He considers himself an above-average Dad (and slightly below average singer/songwriter) to three above-average children who were the inspiration-and, he adds, the most critical editors, for The Heart of a King. In addition to writing and illustrating children's book, B. Dyker Brown owns and runs his own successful consulting company.
Beautiful book. My kids love the pictures. You can glance at them or study them. My kids do both. I caught James (4 yrs) with the book in his lap today. He pointed out something I had never noticed before. The story is also great for getting my two little ones to sleep. Definite thumbs up.
I have not received my copy of this book yet but have enjoyed the process that Brian has gone through to get it published. The illustrations are exceptional and the story imaginative. There are many ways to share this with friends and family, kids and adults. It will be a fantastic book to have in our home as it draws together my own past to present ideals.
Mark Kick 
What a wonderful book. My kids love the illustrations and the story teaches bravery while amazingly keeping their interest. Unlike many of the "nighttime storybooks" my kids have required me to read to them "The Heart of a King" does not assault my asethics which makes it enjoyable and easy for me to share with my little "charges"

My recommendation would be to give it a try.... you won' regret it.
Steve B 
I have had the privilege of seeing this book take form during the creation process. I have seen the time and dedication poured into these illustration and the determination needed in bringing them to life in this finished book. Who doesn't like a story of dragons, overcoming great odds, conquering your fears and proving that you really do have what it takes to get the job done. I'm also a softy, so when it comes to 'heart over matter" it hits home. I fully expect to get my copy signed and hopefully one day read it to my future grand children. Well done!
Russ Joiner 
I came across this book by accident. Am I glad I did. I have three kids all under the age of 7 - They all LOVE it. They actually linger over the illustrations, my "short attention span" kids, linger. That says something. Anyway, the text is beautiful and flows smoothly off the tongue. The words, rhythm and rhyme soothe and quiet even my 5 year old son (a nearly impossible task). I dare anyone to read this and not feel calmer. Reading the words forces you to breath slowly and deeply and the kids come along. Anyway, too long a review, sorry. Just wanted to give 5 stars to this hidden surprise treasure. Did I mention that I recommend it highly? : )
Carol Ann 
A very nice story with an excellent ending that sends the right message to children. I can't wait to read this story to my 9 month old granddaughter when she is old enough to comprehend. It will not be long before she will appreciate these fantastic illustrations and I can only imagine the questions she will pose upon understanding the story. Thank you Brian.
Wow. Saw the reviews and was skeptical. Should have trusted the Hay House customers. The book is what all the reviewers say it is. My kids love it. I love it, heck, even my husband who doesn't seem to like much of anything loves it (I think he only looks at the pictures though). Anyway - recommend this book for anyone with kids or Grandkids. My youngest daughter (22yrs) picked it up and is now tell her friends to buy it. They love the fantasy illustrations but I think she most likes the whimsy in them.

Buy for yourself and for all your wee folks and in some cases older folks. You will not be disappointed. Promise.
Amanda C 
Friend of mine told me, "you have to see this book it is gorgeous." I am a tough critic but I have to say she is right. The illustrations remind me of when I was girl and my Mom read to me. The story is so, well, smooth, slides easily off the tongue though the insights, for a kids book are kind of profound. I can't wait to read it to my grandkids. Both are budding artists and know they will love this. Who doesn't like dragons and castles and love. Nice story - Fabulous illustrations and this from a gal that never writes a review much less a good one
Amanda B 

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