If It Is Not by Loving, It Will Be by Hurting
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When author Jacqueline Sewell was five years old, she witnessed a traumatic event. Her father ferociously stabbed her mother seven times. Though her mother survived, that event affected Jacqueline's life in many ways for years to come. In Detachments, she shares important and impactful stories from her life, beginning with this early event, where she learned the painful lessons of detachment. The universe has its own peculiar way of shuffling our lives. When our true self, our soul, sleeps in the false reality created by the ego, by the forces of our physical body, and through it drags us into the illusions of materiality. Most often, we will not learn by example; but by undergoing the painful trials of life. Thus, in the majority of time, we will only search for any kind of spiritual help when facing some kind of suffering. This is when the tumult of changes come to restructure our most intimate creations. Forcing us to move into a new direction that will show the path of self-awakening. Narrating how she navigates her course to self-discovery, Jacqueline inspires others to face life's challenges with resignation and to reflect upon those events that are shaping the soul for a better version of itself.
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Jacqueline Sewell was born in Brazil and is an Australian citizen. She works as a finance manager, but her passion is writing, including maintaining a blog, "Inspire Soul Reflections" and other social media channels where she likes to spread inspirational and motivational text and quotes. Jacky Sewell, as she is also known, lives in Sydney.
Excellent book! A must read book! Every person who reads this book will certainly have a clear understanding of how life's roller coaster ride is. I totally admire the woman's power to consistently rise up despite the uncontrollable events in life. This book will inspire you on how to let go and move on with life.

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