The Brownstone: Celtic Whispers
The Brownstone: Celtic Whispers
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Lili’s anguish seeped from her pores back then, although she thought it was hidden behind a clever facade. The light can be ferocious, especially in the brownstone. Love can become a desperate beam. 

The brownstone is bustling as usual with new construction and now, new tenants. A wedding is on the fringe, and a newborn baby is coming home. 

For Lili Wentworth there is only one thing that matters to her more than her family and friends and that’s interpreting the messages she is channeling. Led with compassion she explores the complexities of moral choices and their emotional consequences, while being led by angels around her to find the sacred meaning within them. 

Follow Lili to Quebec, and Vermont, as she seeks resolution with Coleman Kavanagh, a man she admits to loving. Her final decision rocks the foundation of the brownstone. With her friendships with Keith, Katherine and James on the line Lili boldly chooses an unexpected adventure that takes her into one of the most ancient spiritual practices known to man. 

Startling secrets and unexpected twists surface with the guidance of Andrew Wentworth’s prophecies leaving his family with an understanding that love in its human form requires a balance of emotion and reasoning. 

As Lili Wentworth moves past her most vulnerable stages, her intuition leads her to an astonishing discovery that will forever have her believing that there is so much more to life than the human eye can see. 

Get ready for, Celtic Whispers with an immensely satisfying conclusion.

He had no one to blame but himself. Coleman lay on the floor, a glass of whisky, neat, steadied on his firm stomach. His arm stretched up supporting his head from the cold hardwood floor. His t-shirt still soaked by a workout intended to forget her. Yet still, Lili was on his mind. Coleman watched the punching bag swing back and forth, the chain that held it cast a queer shadow on the ceiling. The orange glow of the setting sun filled his studio apartment, which sat conveniently above his brother's pub. He should set sail for the Emerald Isle but she was in his veins now. Even an ocean couldn't change that. Coleman Kavanagh had made some hasty decisions in the past, the result of which had permanently changed every facet of his life. The war played its part in distorting his perspective there was no doubt about that. It wasn't long after his return that the symptoms began. Marnie Hammel, a physician in the Royal Army, diagnosed him...pavor nocturnus, night terrors. Not to be confused with your traditional nightmare. A night terror comes with no warning. You are wide-awake trapped inside your deepest fear, frozen in time. This is the definition of dread. He expected his shadow-self playing out some drama as the dark angel laid claim to the space in his room. Most people didn't know there was a difference between a nightmare and a night terror and if anyone ever had a choice between the two, a nightmare would be the superior option. Dr. Hammel had been intrigued by Coleman's case. He was flat out handsome. His squared jaw line framed the rare flash of a boyish grin that was further enhanced by his haunting green eyes. You would never believe that he would have any medical issues much less be terrorized by a single thing. Fact; Coleman Kavanagh hated the night. He tried to face his dark angel the way Lili had. He knew if Dr. Christoff shoved that needle in her veins, during her intervention, the lines of communication would be broken and she would have to start all over again. Lili would be doomed to face it again, in some other way, in some other venue. She was safe at the brownstone. He couldn't have asked for a better place for Lili's battle to commence. She laid down her sword. She was so transparent, so honest. Coleman could never do that. He held his secrets pretty close, his armor securely fastened so no one could get in. But he couldn't lie to Lili and say that the war hadn't done something to him. That fact was evident in Sri Lanka when she innocently put on one of his camouflage shirts to sleep in. Coleman wasn't going to offer any information and Lili wasn't one to pry. Coleman and Lili were so alike, sufferers' in silence, doomed by a fate they couldn't control. Lili's life was different now. She had outgrown her fanciful ideas of love. Stripped to her empty core, benevolence was her benefactor, and her legacy was her priority. Yet, much like Coleman, Lili would have difficulty getting him out of her mind...
JULIE BROWN published the first two books of The Brownstone Series while living in Vermont. After receiving a 5-star review for both books, Julie returned to her hometown of Liverpool, New York for fresh inspiration. Living on the ancient land of the Iroquois, her apartment overlooks Onondaga Lake and the park that surrounds it. Inspired by the history of the lake and the Great Law of Peace, Julie concludes the third book in her series. JULIE BROWN currently resides in Onondaga County, New York. Her Web site is This book has everything a well-rounded reader could want; adventure, romance, suspense, and a great mix of events and emotions. This is a must read new series from a promising new author. –Red City Review

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