The Truth Is at My Front Door
The Truth Is at My Front Door
Spiritual Direction on Aging Beautifully
Perfect Bound Softcover
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The Truth is at my Front Door is a memoir/how to, for aging beautifully. Told through the experience of the author, the reader is guided through the themes and challenges fundamental to aging well. This book is not about how to prevent aging, circumvent or resist aging. It is about the quality of beauty within every woman and our shared experience of living in a culture that values a perpetually unlined face and flat belly. Fourteen stories and their wisdom lessons deliver insight on growing old with grace, sensuality and personal authority. The author tells us it is not necessary to have peerless skin, full eyebrows, someone in your bed at night, big breasts, and a big paycheck. What is necessary are big thoughts about beauty and the determination to do the rewarding work of filling the soul. This is a guide toward embracing impermanence. Themes of loss, change and meaning are the spiritual glue making this an important read.
The book is a completion of stories and wisdoms lessons. Some subjects covered are: motherhood, risk-taking, older women/young men, healing, forgiveness, mentors, and fear of being fabulous. This book was written for you. With Grace & Love, Ilene The Truth at My Front Door The Truth is at my front door. I always knew she would call. But, I am not certain I want to let her in. Of course, I want to age beautifully. I am told the first step in making this happen is to embrace the truth. Only I do not want to deal with this right now. The whole affair makes me uncomfortable. The Truth brings an important message, but I am not in the mood to listen. I make every excuse to avoid her. But here she is, at my front door. Should I embrace her or do I keep ignoring her? I hear whisperings from other women they are having a problem with her too. Lets be honest, there is no one she will not eventually visit. I am told she brings gifts of wisdom, grace and invisible forms of God. Some say she represents a beauty far exceeding anything found in a jar. I have been examining my face in the mirror more than usual, and every examination is taking on a life of its own. I don't feel good about this ritual but I cannot seem to stop. She knows about these things, that's why she is at my front door. I am told she wants to help me age beautifully. No doubt, she will suggest I embrace the morning mirror and surrender to the face I see. Regardless of how determined I am to resist her message, she will be triumphant in the end because the truth is always triumphant in the end. Admitting this makes it impossible to ignore her any longer. I gather my courage and open the door. She is standing there, looking me straight in the eye and I wonder what I have been so afraid of. And yes, she is not easy to look at! But she is the determining factor governing my ability to age beautifully. She carried a message. Here is what she said. Aging is not an object out there. Aging is an experience in here. You must learn to be in awe of it. And what do I mean by awe? Awe is the overwhelming feeling that something is out and about, breathing life into emptiness and exposing us to our best and highest selves. The awe of it all keeps us going and is the undergirding to a fresh approach to aging beautifully. Awe is that which pulls us deeper into our regenerating interior lives, where beauty can be felt and grace has a chance to flourish. Awe brings sanity to everyday life by nudging our imagination and reminding us that we are creatures with gifts having nothing to do with calendar years. In a world gone crazy with unhealthy competition and a warped preoccupation with everything outside ourselves, awe lets in the fresh air of soul. "You must not walk out on your life by abandoning who you are," she says. " You must not give up on your beauty because of aching joints, a face you no longer recognize, eyebrows that have disappeared, lingering regrets or the road less traveled. You must not walk out on your life." © Going Into the Room Empty And so began my journey to discover how I could age beautifully.
Dr. Ilene Cummings found her calling at the age of forty-four, while raising five children in a seaside town in New Jersey. She started her career working at a local community college. She established the Center for Adults in Transition, a human growth and development program. It was ahead of its time and its success earned her a statewide reputation as an innovator and cutting edge educator. Ilene holds a Masters in Human Development and a Doctorate in Human Development and Spirituality. Her dissertation was on forgiveness. Now 85, Ilene is working on a book of poetry with the archetypical themes of love, grief & healing.

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