Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays?
Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays?
Perfect Bound Softcover
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T.E. Corner uses a very creative touch in his writing by uplifting and inspiring readers. In Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays? get ready for a breathtaking journey through happiness, fear, anger, self-discovery and ultimately triumph. Upon his wife's diagnosis with stage four non-Hodgkin lymphoma, in the form of a twelve centimeter mass in her chest, she quickly becomes an expert in the disease. She meets with multiple specialists in the field of oncology on her quest to discover a cure, until finding the right doctor who believes as much as she does that she will overcome. T.E. chronicles his wife's life altering experience, and the many fascinating procedures and treatments she endured, while on her way to a renewed life. Wishing you love and happiness!
If you are reading this, I thank you for joining me on an amazing journey. You are about to embark on a journey that will amaze and delight you. It is a journey about pride. A pride that I hold deep in my heart. It is a story about belief. A belief deep within ourselves that we can overcome anything. It is about love. A love that words cannot convey. A love and respect that I have for an amazing person; daughter, sister, wife, mother and friend. This story is about my beautiful wife, Pam. I am honored to be by your side. I love you! For Pam, Monday, June 8th is a considerably more meaningful day than all of the other Mondays throughout the entire year. June 8th is a day to celebrate! It represents a new beginning, a day when she overcame an almost insurmountable challenge. Looking back at my phone, I pause to read her text message once again. I understand the context in which her message comes to me. It was not sent as a reminder to get her a cake, not a reminder to buy her gifts, not a reminder to bring her flowers. This message said so much more than all of the gifts and ‘things' that we typically give someone when celebrating a their birthday. This text message was a reminder of Pam's pride. Her very own pride and belief in herself which she holds deep in her heart. But, two birthdays? Who has two birthdays?
Inspirational Author T.E. Corner is on a journey to uncover life's mysteries. He is a proud husband and father of three beautiful daughters, who inspire his writings and contribute to the manifestation of happiness and success in his life.

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