Ashes to Beauty
Ashes to Beauty
From Ashes She Rose and Beauty Happened
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Based on a true story, Karen Callaghan experiences life through trials and error; her resilience takes her life to the next level, and she never settles and accepts mediocrity. Despite Karen's struggles, she sees the good and learns from her pain and mistakes, thus becoming emotionally stronger.

In Ashes to Beauty, Karen's story is used to help and inspire women and men to live life to the fullest and to celebrate and appreciate the gifts of life. It demonstrates how to:

• be appreciative and grateful;

• be attuned to your intuition;

• live and create life on your own terms;

• recognize your patterns in life and have a good breakthrough that will change your life and future generations;

• focus on what will make you grow as an individual

• understand that working, developing, and growing one's self will inspire others to do the same; and

• develop strategies to maintain the changes.

Ashes to Beauty offers a narrative to show you how to grow, get creative, and master your life.

2015 In Pitt Street, Sydney she was presenting to her clients about modelling. The date was the 4th of July, Saturday 2015, she received a call in the middle of her presentation, normally she would not answer any phone calls, she hung up two times, however her instincts told her the call needed to be taken and on the third time she excused herself from her clients, it was her sister, she said that their Dad has been accused of fondling her niece. The remaining of her day wasn't good, at first she thought how could a child come up with such an imagination? The same day in the evening she rang her parents in New Zealand, she told them that she loved them and they will just wait and see how this will progress. She mentioned to her father in life whether one do good or bad he or she is going to be judged anyway and he knows himself, if he hasn't done anything of the sorts he should not worry about it, and just to sit back and relax. She continued to talk with her parents via skype the following day on Sunday whilst they were at her sister's house. On Monday 6th July her daughter opened up to being fondled by Karen's father as well when she was four years old. Her sister immediately called her, she said she had just picked up her daughter from work as she needed to get it off her chest as well. She spoke with her daughter and asked her to tell her in detail what exactly happened to her. She was in tears and she said she had to say something about this as it had been hanging over her head for years. Karen mentioned to her daughter now that she has brought this to light she is free and she has her to talk to if she needs to unload any pain. She also reminded her daughter that with the mind of progressing and going forward she should really feel liberated, this is something to be celebrated about as she is now free, the chain is broken and now it has come to a full circle for both of them. Personally for her. a lot of things do make sense now, the unanswered questions she has had for years has now been answered with her shedding light on what seemed to contribute to darkness that had been there almost an entire lifetime. With that being said, the weeks after that was very challenging for her indeed, it was like she was grieving. Karen also felt like she was mourning a loss because of the fact that it took all these years, wasted time, confusion and complete chaos; a muddled up life if you will. She felt betrayed as it was like her whole life had been a joke. What's sad about this, was it affirms why her life was the way it was. She has always had questions running through her head and she thought surely that one's life should not be chaotic like hers. Her intuition told her that life could be better. She blamed her messed up life on herself but she has always thought as well, how could she have known anyway? She had no point of reference and the very person, her father whom she thought she could trust was after all someone who was untrustworthy. He had the weakness after all and he did nothing about helping himself and it has had its ripple effects on her and her siblings' lives and now her daughter! On the bright side though this is a huge Breakthrough and shall we say the cycle has now broken. However she felt a lot of pain and hurt as it took almost her entire life time before all this was revealed. She was also devastated that she was unable to end it at her generation and this disease, "molestation" sneaked its way to the next generation to her daughter and her niece. What's even more gut wrenching is that the person, her father, whom she was hoping was not one who fondles, was after all one. And it's even scary, initially how her intuition told me that it was possible that he had that weakness based on his patterns and traits. She recalled her inner child searching for trust and security and she realized she continued to search for that throughout her adult life; however today she has learnt to love herself and attain for herself that significant and ultimate life since self-development, prayers alone could not help. Self-development along with prayers at least works for her. She believes one has to help herself or himself in order to resolve and change his or her life. And one has to be in a positive state that attracts the desired things into his or her life hence prayers answered, that's the simple truth.

Karen Callaghan understands happiness is an inside job that involves positive emotions, and she works on maintaining those feelings on a daily basis. Above all she believes in serving and giving back with conviction and love, which also makes her feel connected spiritually. The money aspect follows and consequently flows automatically and abundantly. She currently lives in New South Wales, Australia.


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