Taking the Mask Off
Taking the Mask Off
Destroying the Stigmatic Barriers of Mental Health and Addiction Using a Spiritual Solution
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Cortland Pfeffer spent years as a patient in psychiatric hospitals, treatment centers, and jails before becoming a registered nurse and working in the same facilities. This is a story about recovery that goes inside the mental health and addiction field, revealing the problems and providing a spiritual solution.
I have a unique journey and perspective in that I have a personal history on both sides of the desk. I have been a patient in psychiatric hospitals, an inmate in jail, and a number of treatment centers. Additionally, I've worked as an RN supervisor and staff in the same locations – psychiatric wards, jails, and treatment centers. On March 4, 1994, I was committed as mentally ill. Twenty-one years later to the date – March 4, 2015 – I was the charge nurse at the exact same facility. In June of 2014, I started a blog (www.takingthemaskoff.com) which shared some of my personal experiences as a patient, staff, and supervisor. I was gratefully overwhelmed with the positive response to my writings. This incredible shared passion of lifting the stigma has prompted me to putting together this book, knowing there are so many people just as eager to break the stigma. This book is divided into five sections – Hope, Purpose, Growth, Wisdom, and Enlightenment. The book follows my life journey from an attempted suicide to inner peace which correlates with these five concepts. Each section also has a theme in regards to the mental health/addiction industry, and parallels with the Four Noble Truths of the Buddhist philosophy. It also utilizes angles from all spectrums – science, personal experience, spirituality, and philosophy. It shares information that agrees with all fields. It is not about religion, spirituality, science, philosophy, or even about my journey – but rather, it is about all of the above and only when they are all in agreement. This approach ensures the most accurate information from all points of view.
Cortland Pfeffer founded Taking the Mask Off in 2014 to help shine a light on the mental health industry (as well as other areas of our society that are shrouded in deceit and misinformation). Sharing insider perspectives and real life stories that have been gathered over twenty years in the field, Cortland is a psychiatric registered nurse who was himself once a patient in psychiatric hospitals, jails, and treatment centers. He now wishes to share his experiences with others. Cortland Pfeffer lives in Eagan, Minnesota.
I have not had the time to read the book, because I just heard about it today. What I want to do is tell you about the author. I have known him for a few years now, He is a passionate person who cares about the people he works with in a loving and respectful manner. I liked him soon after meeting him. He is a motivator and not critical.
Alan Hoskins 

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