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Author Noni Boon is a visionary with a passion for changing the world and encouraging others to do the same. In Holifest, Noni offers an easy, two-ingredient recipe to follow to initiate self-growth, build strength of character, and achieve abundance in all areas of your life while evolving into what you can become.

Abbreviated from holistic-manifest, Noni describes Holifest as the power and force that rockets "manifest" to "magnifest." Noni has designed an effective, accurate, and holistic way to manifest through developing greater strength of character and establishing a deeper knowledge of self. Holifest is built on a list of twenty-one specially selected virtues that you will discover and develop in yourself to enhance your mind, body, and soul.

Holifest gives you the creativity, courage, and confidence to transform into your next best magnificent self, move up to what you can become, and begin living your greatest life yet. When you change yourself, you change your world.

During the ‘New Thought Movement' of the 19th Century, Bruce MacLelland made the statement ‘you are what you think, not what you think you are'. Since then there have been many books written and suggestions made to indicate that your thoughts have a ‘power of attraction'. Does this mean that when you think good things, you get exactly what you are thinking about? Is this really how it works? If so, why is it that some of the things you want come along the instant you think about them whereas other things continue to move out of reach and feel like they are never going to happen? Or worse still, they don't. There is more to this ‘thought force' than meets the eye; or should I say mind? I have been working on attracting things myself for many years with varying results but just recently, after reading Bruce MacLelland's book ‘Prosperity Through Thought Force', and really testing the process of manifesting, everything finally fell into place. I have now designed a way that totally works. I want to share this with you so that you stop missing out. Forget learning how to ‘manifest'; I am going to teach you how to ‘magnifest' using my easy two-ingredient recipe and a simple method called ‘Holifest'. At the same time, you are going to develop into your next best magnificent self, move up to what you can become, and begin living your best life yet.

Noni Boon is a holistic well-being specialist, international best-selling author, regular writer for Nature & Health magazine, motivational speaker, well-being coach on Deborah Hutton's successful coaching website, and graphic designer. Noni lives in Arcadia, Sydney, Australia, with her family, horses, dogs, cats, and some welcome and unwelcome native animals, creatures, and reptiles.

I read Holifest as I know the author personally and have long been impressed by her warmth, positive ness and ability to create the life she wants to live. I wouldn't usually pick up a self help book and don't personally subscribe to the manifesting movement.

That said, there is a wealth of information in Holifest that even a cynic like I can willingly subscribe to, particularly around the steps to becoming a "better" person.

There is something in this easy to read book for everyone, and who wouldn't want more magnificence in their lives?
The incredible concept of honing your “Life’s Virtue” and “strength of character” as explained in this amazing book “Holifest”. I found not only groundbreaking, but thought provoking. It is something I intend to refer back to on a regular basis as I continue to grow in my life, both spiritual & soulfully. THANK YOU Noni Book... for going where no- one else has gone before. A MUST read.
Jay Wren 
Holifest is a must read for anyone searching to become their most optimal self. The book provides practical guidelines and brilliant insights on reaching and maintaining greater personal success. Noni Boon has indeed discovered an effective method of tapping into our deepest potential and she provides this information with clarity, sensitivity and effectiveness. Loved this book!
Natasha Weber  

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