Mastering Today
Mastering Today
A Journey to Freedom
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A Journey to Freedom is my path of self-discovery by peeling away false beliefs imposed upon by family and society. Once you make the conscious decision to discover who you are and what you really believe and think, you can look at the world from a different perspective and approach it with willful excitement and joy. My story is how I moved through discovering myself to how I choose to perceive and live in the world. We all have that right, to perceive and live in the world on our own terms. Once you realize that seeking approval from others and trying to fit in will only bring you misery, is when the butterfly within you will emerge. Our mind/body connection is the beginning of the journey. This journey has given me the ability to discover who I truly am and what I truly believe and think. Through awareness, consciousness and honesty with myself, I have emerged with a profound understanding of life. If you are struggling and not completely happy with your life, join me on My Journey and allow me to show you how to free yourself of unwanted and unnecessary thoughts to evolve with a greater understanding of who you are and what you truly desire.
The Calamitous Mistake This chapter is how my spiritual journey has empowered me to move through the challenges of living with a felony on my record and having the fortitude to persevere. I became addicted to pain killers after having surgery for an ectopic pregnancy (one ovary/tube removed). After this emergency surgery I was placed on pain killers for the pain. Needless to say, I liked them. They made me happy and gave me energy. At this time, I was working for doctors and then the addiction led to forging and calling in illegal prescriptions. Needless to say this led to an arrest. I had to go through Drug Court for a year to get this removed from record and the charge dismissed. Well I did it. Honestly anytime you enter into a rehabilitation program, you are only get out of it what you put into it. My mindset was to just get through and be done with it, so I did not take any of the understanding of why I was doing this. Needless to say, I went through the year and got my freedom back. I bet you can guess what I started doing again. Instead of coming out of drug court with the ability to address and understand my problems and learning to communicate (which was a big one for me), I just went back to trying to handle everything and be happy for everyone (the people pleaser in me). So this time my pain killer addiction led to theft from my employer (I had to pay cash for all these prescriptions I was filling and there were a lot). Needless to say it caught up with me once again and I was arrested. This time no free pass, felony conviction.
A high school graduate who grew up without a spiritual background or foundation overcomes addiction and a felony record. I empowered myself to learn to experience life from a place of love and peace towards everyone through the studies of "The Universal Spiritual Laws and "The Universal Laws of Karma". I live in Fort Walton Beach Florida, where I continue to write daily for my blog and I write empowerment courses for sale as well as offer personal Empowerment Coaching.
A great read and a wonderful path in healing and changing yourself to live the life you truly desire. Honest, brave and courageous. I found this book to be very helpful in many aspects of my life.
Lisa J.  

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