777 Purpose and Truth over Resistance
777 Purpose and Truth over Resistance
Staying Aligned with God's Path
Perfect Bound Softcover
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In 777 Purpose and Truth over Resistance, Bainer shares original tools that she has been guided to use in her own development and professional practice: a pendulum / eye tracking chart for clearing interfering subconscious patterns, oracle cards, and sensory signal systems for interpreting energy and exercises for raising your vibration and increasing your intuition. She guides you in releasing emotions, fears, and resistance so that you can hear your higher guidance. She offers firsthand advice on teaching with the Spirit, giving psychic readings, and assisting with investigative cases. She has included clear lessons that can be used by other spiritual teachers and healers in their own practices. Whether you are just starting your path or have been on your path for years, this book will help you navigate energy, connect with your purpose, and find your own answers.
The case that I opened to in 2007 was a missing mother case in Illinois. Two days after Barbra, my best friend since childhood, died unexpectedly, the 2007 missing mother went missing. This missing mother was married to a police officer whom I had worked with before I was old enough to get hired as a police officer. I remember having "ride alongs" and booking suspects with him. This would seem to be enough of a connection for me to recognize that the Universe was submersing me in this situation, but there was more. This officer also worked with and supervised my husband during the time that this man's previous wife was found deceased in a bathtub and up through the time his current wife was reported missing. As I watched this unfold with everyone else, I not only felt the presence of my friend Barbra, but that of the missing mother as well. This is what happened to change my life direction in a way I would never have predicted. I decided to offer to help even when I was not fully aware of my gifts at the time. I just knew that if I was supposed to help, it would happen. My taking these chances, when I may not have fully felt ready for this, expanded my consciousness each time. I would feel pulled to a direction, and even though I was terrified to make a mistake or to be wrong, I did it anyway-not because I wanted to but because it was what I was being guided to do. For a while, I could only hear my Guides clearly in dreams. With time and experience, I learned to hear and sense in the other ways. Being able to travel outside of your comfort area will allow the kind of growth that I have been privileged to do, if it is aligned with who you are as a Soul and not just your own wants and Ego. I have seen both sides of this. I started to see the larger picture of why not everyone can effectively do this work. I also noticed that some miracle-type occurrences would happen when no one was paying attention or it was not a high-profile incident. Finding things, missing or endangered people, or wanted people only happened accurately when one or two other people would ever know. I saw that it was possible to look at a map and tell exactly where the missing person was at that time and where they would ultimately be found. Exact and in the way I would expect a person with my ability should be able to provide. Right? I have given many locations that jurisdictions either could not search or that did not make sense to their case, so they could not search. I have also given locations that were completely off (by my definition). I have learned methods to be able to work with investigators when they can't discuss their case or evidence. I have spent time with some very devoted investigators who were willing to work with me when there were no other active leads. I realized that you need to have God/Source's permission and blessing to work these cases and that you need to be certain that they are in alignment with your Soul's Purpose and work. Many times I have been asked to do missing person cases or mediumship readings but have received Higher Guidance that they were not for me to do. I have learned that all things that are in alignment and that I have direct permission from Source to do turn out for the best and highest good and are not a waste of my time and others' time. On one occasion I had the OK to read in person at a police agency for a missing child case. As usual, I showed up ready but not really knowing what Spirit would allow me to see or do. One investigator, my husband, and I were in the interview room. Because I had previously met with the investigator and let him know that one of the ways I could receive information was to hold items to read from, he had a transparent evidence bag containing a large stuffed animal waiting for me. Seeing the toy was a harsh reminder that we were there because a young child was gone, and his family had endured years of wondering what had happened to him. In order to be able to read, I had to separate from this childhood belonging and from the fact that one of my own children was of a similar age and appearance to this child.
Barbanne Bainer is a respected psychic medium and divine channel who connects with God or the Creator or the Source to relay messages pertaining to one's spiritual destiny and path to moving forward. As an intuitive healer and teacher, she works with clients and students to help them clear the energy blocking their pursuit of love and God's messages of peace and healing. Prior to her awakening, she had a fifteen-year career in law enforcement. She now assists with missing persons and cold cases as a psychic investigator and spiritual medium.
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