The Ocean of Blue
The Ocean of Blue
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Author Lucy Agapi's love and passion for poetry started early in her life as a child in Armenia. She escaped into poetry and found the answers she was looking for in those books, the ones to which she had access. After immigrating to the United States, she penned letters and poems to her friends back home. In The Ocean of Blue, she shares a collection of her work. Blending lyrical phrasing and vivid images of the ocean, the seashore, and the cosmos, this collection communicates a realm of natural beauty, peace, and tranquility. The selections speak to Lucy's belief in a perfectly balanced universe and offers help to those who are on the path of self-discovery and transformation. The Ocean of Blue inspires you to stay true and connected to yourself. Through words and imagery, Lucy's selections teach you to trust your inner truth and to stand by the things that matter the most.
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Lucy Agapi moved to the United States from Armenia when she was nineteen. She graduated from California State University Northridge and received a bachelor's degree in computer science. Even though she is an engineer by an occupation, she is an artist at heart. Lucy lives in beautiful Ventura, California.

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