Survival Wisdom
Survival Wisdom
Motivational Thoughts to Help You Prevail
Perfect Bound Softcover
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We increasingly struggle to weather the many storms life throws our way. It's often difficult to cope with significant change, manage risks, make informed choices about what to do next, and remain emotionally balanced. In Survival Wisdom, author Rich Hungerford offers a collection of anecdotes and affirmations to help you prepare emotionally for a survival event.

Hungerford discusses the idea that where the mind goes, the body follows. Preparing and conditioning the mind to weather difficult times is a core aspect of survival training. He helps you master your thoughts and increase your emotional intelligence through this series of motivational thoughts and inspirations.

Survival Wisdom teaches you to prepare the mind for adversity, how to withstand the storm of survival situations, and ultimately maintain the mindset of a true survivor. It presents practical wisdom for surviving disasters and life in a rapidly changing world.

"The warrior savours solitude. He enjoys being alone in the forest or on the mountain. Sitting staring into his campfire, listening to the sounds of the night and staring up into the heavens observing the stars. The stars talk to him in this space, as does the wind whispering through the trees and the gurgling of the nearby stream as it tumbles over the rocks heading ever seaward. In such a place the warrior is accepted and feels nurtured. Old wounds are healed and new learning is garnered. The warrior meditates in this place of nature and seeks to deepen his understanding of the world. Nature is the greatest of all teachers and the warrior is an eternal student of nature."

Rich Hungerford is a former Australian SAS soldier who now teaches survival, tracking, and bush craft skills at his Bush Lore School. He continues to explore his passion for the natural environment and enjoys sharing his extensive experience with others. Through Bush Lore, Rich teaches people from all walks of life about the tenets of warrior hood for survival is in essence a warrior skill set. Warrior's and nature are synonymous as far as Rich is concerned and nature is the true great teacher for the warrior apprentice. Rich lives in rural Australia with his wife and daughter.

Fantastic short read. Highly recommended. Great gift!

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