YOU ARE YOUR OWN Million Dollar Formula
YOU ARE YOUR OWN Million Dollar Formula
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Create: Every woman has her own creativity, talents, and divine purpose to shine into the world. When women give themselves permission to live in their 100% authentic truth and back themselves, they create opportunities and freedom like never before. Every woman is her own Million Dollar Formula. Learn how to access and monetise your unique creativity and step up and claim the space to have the personal and financial freedom you have always dreamt of.

Celebrate: Women often value their worth on the opinions of others. They measure their success by the values and social commentary around them, disempowering themselves and never truly celebrating their success. When women back themselves 100% of the time and pursue their authentic truth, the opinions, social commentary and projections of others hold no value. Learn how to disassociate from the negativity, criticism, and what other people think to liberate yourself and celebrate each and every one of your talents and achievements.

Consistency: When women take personal responsibility for their success and challenges they create the opportunity to grow. Learn how to transform your life, make money and find greater happiness effortlessly through the commitment to "The Action Hours". When you do the work, you get the results. Join thousands of women from all over the world who are stepping up, claiming the space, and being the best version of themselves. You Are Your Own Million Dollar Formula.

I choose for myself... I am celebrating my personal freedom. I no longer feel any burden or suffering in my life, in my business, with my health or any of my relationships. I have completely detached from my stories of unworthiness and I believe in myself and show myself self care and self love in all of my actions and thoughts. I have a fulfilling relationship filled with love, reciprocation and adoration and my partner treats me as like a princess. I am tended to and looked after, I feel heard and valued. I have more money than I even know how to spend I constantly make contributions to worthy causes and enjoy the feeling of helping others from my success. I spend my time working on projects that inspire me. I collaborate with inspired and intelligent people from all over the world and I am building new and exciting friendships every day. My children are thriving and they continue to flow easily into every stage of their life, they are balance and healthy and have infinite potential. I feel amazing and I look even better. This lifestyle of no stress and no time pressure is serving me well. My life has never been this peaceful and every day I am continuing to grow into the best person I can be effortlessly.

Nic Cunningham and Ali Villani are successful entrepreneurs. With expertise in business management, finance, strategic planning, management, and more than fifteen years of clinical expertise, they facilitate the steps for women to achieve personal and financial freedom. Cunningham and Villani live in South Australia, Australia. We play big and are serious about our impact and the success of women. We hold the space and facilitate the growth for women to step up, claim the space and be the best version of themselves. This enables their dreams to become reality and for them to reach their infinite potential.

I purchased this booking knowing I am not really a 'book' kind of person, but once I started reading it I couldn't put it down. I finished this book in three days, it was so engaging and really insightful. I loved how the ladies have given many examples of they're own personal situations which made it extremely relatable and a joy to read! If your sitting on the fence, do your self a favor and buy it. You won't regret it, this is definitely a book I will come back to over and over again.
Love it. Great read to remind yourself all you need for success is inside you.

What to do to recognise and tap into your greatness and the practical steps you can take to do this

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