Heal Your Mind and Your Body Will Heal, Book 1
Heal Your Mind and Your Body Will Heal, Book 1
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Most people were not taught how to use the power of thought at an early age. Hence, we find it necessary to learn in our later years. Much of what we think we think is simply a repetition of old thoughts and behavior patterns we rehash, with no positive results. We cannot keep thinking the same thoughts and expect to have different experiences. Heal Your Mind and Your Body Will Heal is a tool that helps one to clear the mind to think. Thinking is carrying an idea out to its logical conclusion. The prayers are designed to affect the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical part of the body. Expect changes to take place in your relationship with yourself and with others. Heal Your Mind and Your Body Will Heal is different in that change takes place as a result of practicing the prayers that are associated with each condition. Your task is to say the prayers until you feel differently about the event or condition. Heal Your Mind and Your Body Will Heal offers a new way to pray or clear the mind to receive new ideas. It appears an easy task, and it is. The prayers can be read aloud or silently; the effect is the same. The power is within the words that are spoken. You will find that you become more aware of your surroundings, and you will be able to make decisions more quickly. You will feel true love for yourself.

Heretofore, we have recognized the body and its function and have a good foundation of what the body's needs are, i.e., nourishment, movement, sanitation, rest, etc. We govern ourselves accordingly. Similarly, we recognize the physical laws that govern traffic patterns, knowing that when they are disobeyed, there is a consequence. We recognize and respect the laws of gravity and electricity; we obey them, knowing that they have consequences as well.

These are examples of Universal Laws, which we cannot bend or break. As it relates to the body, Universal Law is an automatic process that quickens the Image in which we are made and supersedes all physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states of the Whole Person. So it is with the Mind, Soul, and Spirit, as these are aspects or parts of the Image in which we are made.

We call the Physical State the Body in this writing. It is the way we think at the moment, which brings about the event, illness, or condition we experience. The Soul is part of the Image in which we are made; it holds that part of the Whole Person that is undeveloped in the Image. The Mental State is what we are unconsciously or consciously thinking, and it informs how we are feeling. The Spiritual State or Law is the part of the Whole Person that is being developed. Our mind is the director – how we think. We cannot change an event, disease, or condition if we do not change the way we are thinking.

The prayers in this book are a method to activate the changes necessary to release the experiences we do not want and become receptive to the experiences we do want. The changes in thought must be followed by taking action. Since, as individuals, we decide how we feel, what we imagine, and what we think, we can decide at any time to change the feelings, images, or thoughts we hold.

Many people struggle with their feelings, images, and thoughts, and have never been taught to identify the difference between them. For example, we are often asked how we feel, and our answer for the most part is, “I feel fine.” If only we knew the truth about who we really are! You are not your body. You are not your Soul. And you are not your mind. You are more than you can imagine. You were made in the Image of Perfection! Therefore, your answer should be, “I feel enthusiastic! I feel marvelous! I feel awesome!” These words more accurately describe your identity as one who is made in the Image of Perfection.

When we take responsibility for what we feel, what we imagine, and what we think, we live a more peaceful life. I invite you to use the prayers in Heal Your Mind and Your Body Will Heal to aid you in telling the difference between who you really are and who you think you are. The prayers, though subtle, will affect a change just by repeating them, as that is one way of learning. The power is within the words. Spend time reading them twice a day and prepare to be transformed.

Rev. Dr. Alma M. Stevens has been a metaphysician for fifty-two years and an ordained minister of religious science for thirty-five years. She served as the assistant minister of the Miami Church of Religious Science for two years before becoming the senior minister of the Inner Light Center for Spiritual Living (Hollywood, Florida) in 1982.

Dr. Stevens has written several articles for the London Times (London, Texas), contributed prayers for Creative Thought magazine, and published one previous book, Seven Steps to Forgiveness.

Dr. Stevens has two children, Patricia Murray and Melvin Stevens, and three grandchildren, Danya, Dominique, and Tiffany. In her spare time, she enjoys aquatic exercise and yoga.


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