What You Don't Know About Your Soul
What You Don't Know About Your Soul
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What is a soul? In reading this book there will be a clear understanding and a desire to do more research. This book is perfect for people who are searching for understanding of self and how we all fit into the circle of life. L.Robb brings to life the understanding of the spiritual aspects of what is happening in our worlds.

“What You Don't Know About Your Soul” is a cultural phenomenon that weaves brilliantly the complexities of beating the odds as a Black woman living in America. L.Robb uses her storyline as contextual clues to delve further into her purpose and discover her earthly mission through scientific spirituality. Complex. Brilliant. The reader will be left with several aha moments, with a desire to learn more and own their knowledge and feelings. This book challenges the paradigms of today's society.

L. Robb is an organic phenomenon. The story that is behind this brilliant author is one of courage, will, strength, and unbelievable resilience. This is the second book by L. Robb. It is a bold progression in her material. This self-educated, passionate, and enthusiastic author captivates audiences with her to-the-point style of writing leaving a feeling of resounding universal truth.


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