Chances Are...
Chances Are...
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They say ‘Life is a journey,' but how many of us take the time to pay attention to the sites? Sometimes the best invitation to discover one's own path is to slip into the mystery of another's. Marie Laure's Chances Are . . . offers readers a window into the spiritual exploration of a soul moving through everyday life. On the way, one quickly realizes how intricately woven sacred moments are in the mundane, like riding the subway, sitting in class, and in getting lost. And one easily discovers connections and echoes from the page to one's own life. In that way, this story grows beyond a mere window into a compelling invitation. - Reverend Gregory Morisse Senior Pastor, The Plymouth Church in Framingham, MA The United Church of Christ Marie Laure's recognition of God -- whom she calls the ‘Presence' -- at an early age is prescient and powerful.Her description of continuing to love, even those whom we think we have lost, hits home for anyone who has suffered the death of a loved one or the indifference of intimates. Her story is a ‘must read' for anyone struggling to make meaning of an insufficient inherited religion and finding a new way forward in faith. - B.R. Bodengraven Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.) Weston Jesuit School of Theology
That first time, after her father died, Jessica had simply been sliding along through life the way kids do at that age. But without noticing, she skated onto a patch of black ice. And before she knew it, she was completely sunk. Nobody was there to save her. No hand reached out, no arm embraced her as she disappeared into the darkness. She could hear and see life going on above the ice, but she was invisible below. She felt herself silently scream "HELP ME" as loud as she could. But no one answered. After a while, Jess got used to hiding in full view. Strangely, she did not feel alone. Something told her young heart she wasn't alone. She knew it was true. Just as it had been when she wandered in the woods. She accepted this as a fact of life. She could not prove it, and felt no need to. In both times of loss, Jess retreated into a separate silent world. Neither time was she ever alone. Both times a miracle had saved her, of that Jess was sure.
The author has earned two master's degrees in theology. She and her husband reside in Florida where she teaches spiritual autobiography to life-long learners.
I was deeply moved by the stories in this book, and have the sense that I would love to have a conversation with Ms Laure.
Michael Sauber  

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