It Changes Lives
It Changes Lives
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Author Jinda Kelly has wanted to be a doctor since childhood. Decades of medical training and clinical work have informed her lifelong search for the root causes of illness and further defined for her a fundamental difference between healing and curing. She now believes that the process of healing goes far beyond that of simply curing and requires something extraordinary.

In It Changes Lives, a wide range of modalities in holistic medicine were used to help patients in their healing processes, from orthodox to epigenetics, acupuncture to energy medicine, as well as homeopathy and nutritional approaches. She tells the stories of those people whose journeys she shared as they travelled through their illnesses, sometimes in cases where there did not seem to be a cure. From the leap of faith necessary to help the boy who kissed the duck to the understanding of Aboriginal spirituality that helped a woman recover her memory, these anecdotes describe those who made headway against chronic illness for which orthodox/allopathic medicine alone had no answers.

Inspiring to doctors and patients alike, this collection of personal narratives offers accounts of extraordinary healing through holistic medicine.

As a holistic doctor I keep one foot firmly planted in allopathic medicine and one foot stepping out into the unknown, exploring ‘other possibilities' with each presenting patient. I aim to span the great divide by merging allopathic medicine and that which is beyond its borders with the objective of empowering each person to become the agent of transformation in their own healing process.

Each of these chapters tell the stories of patients who have taught me as much as I have helped them. Together, we have travelled their illness-sometimes when there does not appear to be a cure. What such patients and I have learned is that curing and healing are not the same thing. We learned that whatever it is in each person's journey, is the key that changed their journey from dys-ease back to health:

It is the leap of faith taken in helping the boy who kissed the duck.
It is the understanding of epigenetics, functional medicine and its interplay that solved a woman's severe fatigue.
It is understanding Aboriginal spirituality that helped a woman recover her memory. And many more cases within ...

In short, it is working both inside the square and outside the square.

This is a book dedicated to those patients who changed my life and taught me medicine that I did not learn from medical school. It is written with the help of these patients in the hope that it will help others. I hope that the stories within will lighten your journey as much as they have lightened mine.

Jinda Kelly is a qualified medical doctor practicing in Australia. She has backgrounds in molecular biology, nutritional medicine, homeopathy, traditional East Asian medicine, and indigenous healing.

I couldn't put this book down. It made me cry and laugh. Written with wit and humility, the stories give evidence of incredible healing of complex cases as the Dr makes the time to listen to patients and work with them...even if it is 'outside the box'.
Toni Shannon  
This is a book of truth and hope. It's a taste of what

" medicine" will become in the future, where healing is on all levels ie body, mind and spirit.

It's well worth the read. Thank you .
Amazing, easy to read book. I read every page in anticipation and excitement of what was to come next. I will read this book over again throughout my life and learn from it each time. It changes lives allows the reader insight into how holistic healing is performed and the exceptional outcomes associated with .. It.

A highly recommended read..

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