Don't Settle
Don't Settle
How to Marry the Man You Were Meant For
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Do you want to know the real secret to a satisfying and successful marriage? Getting-and staying-happily married is probably one of the hardest things most of us will ever attempt. In fact, marriage is so challenging that you have to marry well to start with to even have a chance of success. Even worse, the advice you've heard all your life is either wrong or at best incomplete. Heartbroken after his second divorce, Dr. Carroll was determined to solve the puzzle of how to have a successful marriage. Drawing on his professional expertise as a psychiatrist and a wealth of field research, he emerged with a powerful yet simple system for finding your perfect match. Using neuroscience, genetics, behavioral science, psychology, and his work with shamans and other spiritual healers, he will teach you how to "marry" science with spirituality to attract the perfect man for you - the man you were meant for - and how to get him to the altar in as little as a year. You'll learn: • why the usual advice doesn't work • why amazing chemistry is a bad sign • what type of man is perfectly suited for you • how to energetically attract him • how to know he's really "the one" • and of course, how to get him to the altar! If you're tired of the singles scene and frustrated by failed attempts at love, Don't Settle is the step-by-step, complete solution you've been looking for.
The Solution for a Successful Marriage The good news is that this book contains a step-by-step system that is both effective and simple enough for the average person to apply it without any advanced knowledge or training in any field. I will teach you everything you need to know to apply it. All you need is already in your hands, plus, depending on a few variables, maybe a free download or two you can get from my website. My system has five phases that we will work through together to teach you how to attract and marry the man you are meant for. This customized system was carefully designed to attract the precise man who will fit with you and you alone, not just a "good enough" man or a decent man for a one-size-fits-all marriage. I'm talking about that one man who makes your heart sing and satisfies your soul like no other. During the first phase, we will focus on the specific steps necessary to ensure you are fully prepared to fulfill your quest for such a marriage. This phase isn't so much about changing you as it is about laying the necessary foundation and helping you develop the optimal mindset to manifest your marriage. We will work through the seven critical questions you must answer to prepare yourself and then explore the secret of the most successful marriages, so you will have the necessary mindset to manifest the marriage you were meant for. During the second step, I will show you how to immediately eliminate 50 percent of the men you may encounter. These are the guys who are just not capable of being successfully married or are so far from being ready that you can't afford to wait for them to catch up with you. In case you struggle in any of these areas (eating the marshmallow or attachment), I will show you the fastest and most efficient way to get back on track. In the third step, we will get to the heart of my system - we will identify your relational style on two key personality spectrums and then, using my unique framework of four primary male archetypes (Athlete, Engineer, Film Director, and Artist), teach you how to identify and attract the kind of man that best complements your style. I will also teach you how to identify and avoid the "shadow archetypes" that can at first seem like the guy you want, but who in reality only mimics your complementary archetype so you can spot and avoid him before he even gets close. This step is incredibly powerful because it will enable you to attract the precise type of man you will get along with the best while still having plenty of chemistry to keep the home fires burning for decades to come. It will also discourage the wrong types of men from approaching you and allow you to quickly spot and avoid them if they insist upon trying. This step alone will save you from years of wasted time and untold heartbreak. The neuroscience and psychology-based process I teach in the first three steps will get you looking in the right ballpark, but science has its limits and it can't tell you who is the precise man you are meant for. That level of precision is only attainable with the assistance of the omniscient intelligence of God, Spirit, the Universe, your higher power, whatever you want to call it. In the fourth step, we will kick it up a notch and go beyond the limits of science, engaging Spirit to draw to you the precise man you were meant for, the one who will satisfy you at the deepest level. In this step, I will teach you specific techniques that will make the proverbial needle in the haystack come to you as if you had a giant magnet. After you find him, you still have to get him to the altar and start your marriage off on the right foot. In the fifth and final step, I will show you the precise path to the altar based on his archetype. I will also show you how to use each phase of your relationship to test him to ensure he is the precise one you were meant for and to prepare him to be a great husband. In most cases, you will have a ring on your finger within a year of meeting him (and if you don't I'll show you exactly how to deal with him to maximize your odds of getting a ring).
SCOTT CARROLL, MD is a gifted psychiatrist and the founder of the Ayni Neuroscience Institute as well as an internationally sought after speaker and media commentator that lives in New Mexico with his wife and daughter. Connect with him online at and on Twitter and Facebook.

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