Citizen King
Citizen King
The New Age of Power
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Before you were born your soul had a vision of what your life could be. To honor that vision can bring a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment into your life, producing feelings of joy, happiness and gratitude.

To engage that vision of your life and trust yourself is to turn on the creative expression of your own potential. When you walk authentically as yourself, all possibilities come within your reach. The vision of your dreams comes into focus. You may not know every detail, though you trust in the story of your heart and soul, as they feed you a vision of what is possible. It is intentional creation itself.

Your own potential has no limits, and to create a flow of its expression brings an ever-unfolding story of genuine satisfaction and gratitude as you honor your purpose here on Earth. To have big dreams and take bold actions creates a most exciting and adventurous life, fulfilling the vision of your soul.

Will you embrace the bold ideas of your heart and soul, and trust that there is a way for them to manifest? Can you do this from a place of personal forgiveness and compassion? When you master that, you start to purify your own heart, the source of your authentic power. When you put action to your inspiration, you give your soul influence in your life. Your soul becomes free to express as it intends. This is soul-level living.

Your ego's role shifts to fulfilling your inspiration with action. It is you acting as a Citizen King. The path to living an exceptional life in your own authentic kingdom affords you a genuine sense of fulfillment and joy. It is the new age of what personal power looks like. It is our human potential ... fulfilled.

The process of creation is taking place in every moment of every day. To learn about and comprehend this process gives you an understanding of the steps to take. To practice and complete the process of conscious creation is to learn how to flex your creation muscle, how to fulfill your creative potential, and how to execute your personal power. Keep practicing this art of conscious creation until it becomes second nature to you.

This knowledge sets you free as the creator, as the king of creation, at this time, in this space. Your heart smiles now with the idea of what is possible for your life. That vision, that dream, of what your life can be. Your own personal kingdom is found within you now. In this moment, you are here now. This point of presence, this personal energy persona, this point of human consciousness that is you now holds the creative process itself. It is the process of all creation, for creation always starts with an idea, any idea, however big or small. It starts with a seed, and with an energetic signature that is the idea itself.

Energy, the native language of the universe, needs no human language or dialect to define itself. It has been engaged in fluent conversation and interactions from the beginning of time. The energy essence of the idea is the language to which the universe responds. We shape it with our words, thoughts and feelings. We boost it with our excitement and joy.

As a king you've learned to understand how powerful it is to free yourself from the bondage of posturing, the bondage of judgment, the bondage of stagnant beliefs, of emotional posturing. Like the canvas to a painter, to start with something fresh, something clean, is priceless. How you can bring a new creation about if there's already a tarnish on the canvas? How can you bring a new possibility—a miracle perhaps—into creation, if the canvas itself is tainted? If your own personal energy persona is diluted and polluted by the past, how can you create something pure? The purity of your own personal energy decides what kind of a range you have in the creative process. If you’re holding on to large aspects of your past, then the majority of your own personal energy will perpetuate your experience of the past.

To want to be king of your own personal kingdom is the journey itself. There is no greed involved in it. It is the process of awakening itself. Consciousness is the creative substance of the universe. And you are that consciousness now. There is no end to your creative presence; the creation process is always on. It continually repeats itself. You cannot deplete the infinite field of possibilities by fulfilling your own inspiration. You don't deplete the potential of the universe by claiming and honoring your own inspiration. The creative process of the universe never ends. You can draw from it all you want, and it is always ready to create again.

By fulfilling every single dream you've ever had does not remove a single option, a single choice, a single possibility from your future. When you've learned to trust that, and know that, and own that as the creative presence that you are, then you can dream big and not flinch. You can experience life without any guilt or hesitation. To understand that you are always the creator is to claim your kingdom. It is to claim your glory, the glory of knowing that it is God's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.

Les Jensen began his lifework as an engineer in broadcast television, where he worked every day with high-power television transmitters. This hands-on experience with immense amounts of energy would later convey to him the language that he would ultimately use in his spiritual writings. While moving through immense mental and emotional struggles in his life, Les discovered that vast amounts of energy were present within his subconscious, which he came to recognize as his own personal karma. While experiencing a life-changing and powerful event while in his mid-thirties, Les discovered how we store the immense power of karma within our own personal energy persona. Working with immense amounts of energy during his career provided him with an understanding of the language needed to explain the nature of one's personal power. As he began to study the nature of his own personal power, Les discovered an ocean of unconditional love within his own heart. He learned how to bring himself into alignment with it, discovering that limitless power actually expands the more you use it, and realizing that power as love itself. He understood that this love has no boundaries, no limits. As he worked with his own energy, clearing out that which did not promote his dreams coming true, Les discovered a purity located in the core of his being. He was then able to map the energetic nature of his human experience, which also translated to the same energetic nature found in all of humanity. After releasing his unresolved subconscious patterns that had bound this energy, Les discovered an inner light within himself, a light that had always been there, the light of love itself. Over time, Les came to understand this inner light as the light and love of his very soul, a point of Divine love that had immense power to it. His soul had a purpose in mind for his life. It had an idea of what his ideal life would look like. Les began to honor this inner life purpose. He began to share this information with others so that they, too, could find their own inner light and set themselves free, living in this place of inner heaven while living out the human experience. Living from a place of authentic personal power. Living in the light. Living life fulfilled. Bringing Heaven to Earth and experiencing it—from the inside out.

In 2009, Les created New Human Living, a platform that promotes personal empowerment and Les’ life purpose of being of service to others. He is also host of New Human Living Radio, where he enjoys insightful conversations with guests who are shaping the future of human consciousness. To learn more, please visit and Les’ most recent book, Personal Power Fundamentals, reviews the fundamental nature of our own personal power, including how to overcome one’s karmic propensities. Such a basic understanding can help students and people of all ages create more choices in their lives. This material is presented in an unbiased fashion, and is a great tool for anyone—including those involved in homeschooling and/or alternative curriculum courses—to grow a deeper understanding of their own personal power. Les makes his home in Boulder, Colorado, USA, where he enjoys hiking, exploring the Rocky Mountains, and engaging others in passionate dialogue about the philosophy of our human nature.


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