True stories of transformation experienced by an inspired hospice nurse and impassioned spiritual traveler.
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Jean Keegan Daly's book of true personal stories takes you on the challenging journey of her soul's passionate longing for self discovery and healing, her bold search for spiritual truth, and the supportive people, special patients, and amazing mystical encounters she experienced along her path. Reflections of a Seasoned Soul portrays the author's real life struggle to discover her spiritual truth's deepest purpose and commitment to living her life and serving others from that authentic inner place. Jean's story is told with heartfelt sincerity and vulnerability. It captures the essence of her journey from its risky and daring beginnings of her unorthodox search for an expanded understanding of God and Universal Oneness through to her holistic healing and hospice work, her profound near death experience, her mystical visions and events, and her endeavors to live everyday within the values of respect, love, kindness, gratitude and peace. Of course, the journey to enlightenment is lifelong and so it continues...

Reflections of a Seasoned Soul by Jean Daly is one of those rare books that every reader will immediately recognize as a direct gift from the Divine. Jean has generously shared both the successes and the many trials and hardships of her impassioned life quest to understand and incorporate her spiritual self into everyday living… so that all of us may have an easier time understanding and succeeding in our own journeys. This book should be required reading for anyone hoping to live a life of value. As a journalist my own quest has been to discover truly inspired people and their messages that resonate broadly for the rest of us. Jean Daly is at the top of my list. Her life work as a registered nurse and her experiences with dying patients in Hospice gives her unique insights into what we all are doing on this earth. Moreover, Jean’s experiences with Angelic beings gives us all an understanding and appreciation of God’s unimaginable love for us, and what is possible when we strive to really understand our place in His wonderful gift that we call life. If you read one book this year, make it Reflections of a Seasoned Soul.

—Ted Yacucci, Professor of Mass Communications and Journalism, Delaware State University

Jean Keegan Daly, a Registered Nurse for over 50 years, has spent much of her career as a dedicated holistic health therapist, counselor, and educator specializing in a body-mind-spirit approach to health and wellness. She continues this philosophy in her current part-time holistic work and in teaching classes. Jean cherishes spending time with her family, especially delighting in her three teenage grandchildren. Jean lives in Columbus, New Jersey in an active adult community. This is Jean's first book. She is enthusiastic about continuing to write more of her personal stories and mystical experiences.

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