No More MS Depression MS-102
No More MS Depression MS-102
Finding the Pieces to Your Puzzle
Perfect Bound Softcover
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These are the things Ramon Garcia has learned from his research and trying new things in his personal struggle with Multiple Sclerosis. He calls it the ‘puzzle disease’ because he firmly knows that no two MS people are the same, so we need to find what fits to help us make our own picture clearer, hence the puzzle disease. Much like his first book, he suggests to try to use things, for it may work for you and it may not, but no one knows until they try! Understand, Ramon is not a medical professional. He considers himself to be an MS professional because he’s been dealing with it for eleven years––at time of writing this book––and he will continue to fight; to free those who suffer from MS from the constant cycle of medication and an almost poisonous diet, only to go back for another diagnosis and more pills.
Chapter 1 HOW TO USE THE INFORMATION IN THIS BOOK This book to some may be A LOT of information, especially since this is part #2 of my 3 part series. #1 was No More MS Depression MS-101, these are the theories I came to know and use throughout my journey in dealing with MS from 2009/10 until now. Part #3 will be what I have learned and built upon as well as what I have learned in years past. You will read such things like I NEVER claim MS by saying I HAVE MS, I say things like I DEAL with MS or as my great friend Judi says “it’s my unwanted friend”. ALSO, by NO means do I claim to be a MEDICAL professional BUT urge folks to find what I call the pieces to THEIR puzzle we know as MS. SO understand YOU need to WANT to do this, I mean that Multiple Sclerosis is not an easy road to walk. SO UNDERSTAND I also CRIED and wanted to quit or give up. BUT no matter how tough it is, I FOUND I AM and YOU are TOUGHER... YOU can DO THIS! I hope you take this book and underline, highlight and take notes to start to put the pieces to your puzzle together. Do YOUR OWN research, experiment, get on Facebook or places like for GREAT information on Multiple Sclerosis. FIND YOUR pieces. This book should be and I hope a GUIDE for you to start. Thank YOU, Ramon Hyron Garcia
This is a book of the things Ray Garcia has learned in the last 1+ years living in Milwaukee, WI. In his 1st book No More MS Depression 101 he shared what he did to free himself from the bondage of MS and hospice and then on to living on his own in Las Vegas and on to ending up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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