Finding Your Rainbow's End
Finding Your Rainbow's End
Living Your Authentic Self
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Find and live your Authentic Self. Introducing the All Inclusive Transformational Journey for women. Learn how you have been programmed from birth and the latest in neuroscience about how our minds are our greatest enemy or our greatest friend. How to use the natural nurturing self in a new way that empowers your life. Read how Sylvia overcame challenges and transformed from a pale sickly child thought not to achieve much to becming a Transformational Master Coach. Take a journey that frees you to live out the purpose that lies deep within you without guilt or fear. Take hold of the tools offered and you will begin an amazing journey of inner transformation that will transform your outer world!
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Born looking like a skinned rabbit and enduring a sickly and strict religious childhood, it was feared that Sylvia would not make much of herself in life. An inner determined spirit resulted in a successful nursing and nurse counselling career along with equal success in Sales and Marketing in the Healthcare Industry, In spite of ongoing health challenges arisng, a search for overcoming her health issues led to the holistic arena and a complete life change. Health issues were overcome and a journey of personal growth resulted in Sylvia becoming a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher with new spiritual based beliefs and channelling gifts. A forced rest due a foot injury led to further empowering developments with Sylvia becoming a Transformational Master Coach. Personal life challenges in many areas became the catalyst for a passion to help other women find and live their tue authentic self. Recent events around becoming a carer for her husband with Young Onset Alzheimers reinforced the ability to turn tragedy into a powerful tool to help others find inner peace and a purpose from life experiences.

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