Open the Doorway to Your Soul
Open the Doorway to Your Soul
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Open the Doorway to Your Soul is a book of channeled messages from the Master Teachers of the Akasha. These messages have been shared to help expand your conscious understanding and connection to the source of your true being: your soul. 


The Master Teachers share:

> An introduction to the Akashic Vibration, the vibration of your Soul

> Guided meditations to connect you to the Light of Your Soul

> Vibrational healing sessions to help you unlock the doorway and enter into a conscious partnership with your Council of Light

> Techniques to establish your energetic boundaries and keep your energy cleansed from the influence of others

> How to understand who you are as a Soul being and why you chose to incarnate and participate in the ascension of the planet


The Master Teachers included in this first book are: Goddesses Isis, White Tara, Lakshmi, Diana and Mother Mary; Archangel Raphael; Ascended Masters Ganesh, Kuthumi, Krishna, Saint Germain, Jesus, Apollo, Merlin, and Lord Melchizedek. 


Open the Doorway to Your Soul is an introduction to the course work the Master Teachers have channeled through Maggie. Her connection to these Master Teachers was established very early in her childhood as they taught her ways to overcome her physical disabilities and many illnesses to become a spiritual healer and teacher, able to heal her body, her mind, and her connection to her soul and God. 


Come and join the Master Teachers as they share their sacred wisdom. Experience vibrational healing sessions and learn how to flow within the river of well-being. Learn how you can Open the Doorway to Your Soul and become a conscious partner in creating your life and the world you live in with love as you joyfully look forward to what you will create next.

I have worked with these beings of light all my life to help me heal my body, heal my mind and heal my spiritual connection to my Soul. During our work together, the master teachers and I have developed a glossary of terms to help me share with people this incredible body of work.

When I talk about the Akasha, I am talking about a place where your Soul resides. Where the Universal Source Energy or God resides. All knowledge within the universe is available to every Soul and spirit and is part of the universal energy that surrounds all things. I call this universal energy the Akasha. The Akasha is a vibrational living documentation for everything that is happening within the Universal Source Energy. It also contains information about the possible potentials within your life based on the choices you have made in the past.

The Akashic Vibration refers to the fact that we are all vibrations. The Akasha is a vibration. God is a vibration. Working in the Akashic Vibration, supports you as you open up your mind to see how you are a part of the Divine. Helps you understand how everything you do has a ripple effect on every living thing within this universe.

We will also talk about your Soul. The Soul has also been called your higher wisdom, your higher consciousness, and your sacred wisdom - that part of you that knows everything about you. Knows everything about your past, your present and about all future probabilities.

Next is your spirit. Your spirit is that part of your Soul that joins with your physical body to create you a unique human being. You, a unique human being have a record in the Akasha and that is your Akashic Record. The Akashic Records are a vibrational recording of everything that has ever been and everything that will ever be. They are a vibrational representation of the universal source energy.

Each spirit has an Akashic Record. So to clarify, you have a spirit and that spirit is part of your Soul. Your spirit (a part of your Soul) joins with your physical body to create you, a unique human being. You as a unique human being have a record within the Akasha, your Akashic Record.

Maggie Chula is a Spiritual Teacher and Trance Channel for the Master Teachers of the Akasha. Maggie is passionate about sharing tools to help you Open the Doorway to Your Soul, connect to the wisdom of your Council of Light and understand the language of your source vibration.


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