Dreams and Visions: Volume 1: The Expressed, Inspired, Secret, Revelations: of God:
Dreams and Visions: Volume 1: The Expressed, Inspired, Secret, Revelations: of God:
Apostolic Mandate
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Author Christopher Covington reveals the apostolic and prophetic realm of dreams and visions in this timely book. The introduction to dreams and visions opens up the mind on what they mean. The mystery of iniquity being revealed by the spirit of God in these last days; that shall empower the remnant to take the kingdom by force.
Prophecy: has a science, craft, skill, and technique. There is a discipline, meditation genesis, alpha, and omega of prophecy. There is the technology of prophecy: that you are about to read. Let us go into this prophetic psychology. Universal prophecy- there is the goverment of prophecy, the law, purpose, and principles of prophecy, History of prophecy- which is the culture of prophecy, the past, present, and the future of prophecy. Compass of prophecy: which is the regions, territory, location, area, and atlas of prophecy: the geographical locations: of: prophetic events: and events to come of the world. The prophetic economics: and prophetic wealth empowerment: of prophecy: Seasons- of prophecy: seasons to come, prophetic seasons of time, dates, and years. The major prophets: and you have the minor prophets: The sacred: art: of: tongues: 1. Tongues: is a priestly ministry. 2. Tongues: is apostolic. 3. Stop speaking the worldly, stop cursing. 4. Speak as the oracle: which is the messenger of god: 5. Nationality: of; tongues: by speaking in different nationality of languages having never learned. 6. Tongues speaking: to god: the holy ghost: which is the holy spirit: speaking to god, praying to god: on your behalf. Neophyte-greek: neos-a new convert 2. Convert- a new beginner, novice.
Minstrel: of: the prophet:-noun a medieval poet and musician who sang or recited while accompanying himself on a stringed instrument, either as a member of a noble household or as an itinerant troubadour.2. A musician, singer, or poet. Minstrel: of: the prophet: instrument of the prophet: prophets are tuned into music, praise and worship. Like king david. The psalmist: of the prophet: prophet: the sacred song, songs, of god, psaltery, tabret, pipe, harp. One who plays instrument: like prophet kim clement: 4 season: 4 angels: of: the earth: 4 doors: of: opportunities open to gods people yearly. And can open more than that according to your faithfulness, and obedience unto god.
Christopher Covington has been given the assignment to build prophetic outreach ministries and systems that will keep and grow God’s people, as well as provide job opportunities for them. This book dreams and visions the expressed, inspired, secret, revelations of God is the introduction to the dimension of the spirit. With in-depth prophecies, warnings, signs, and symbols of God, it will take you into another realm in your walk with Christ. Christopher lives in Houston, Texas. He received Christ at the age of sixteen, and from there, his journey began. He is married to Jade Covington, who has been very supportive from the beginning.

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