Sacred Possibilities
Sacred Possibilities
Life in its purest form defies all logic.
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Sacred Possibilities is a powerful reminder of our true nature and our immense potential as individuals and as a global family. It demonstrates that anything is possible in our world for us, when we choose to trust our hearts and liberate ourselves of fears. It invites us to experience the immense power of our heart desires, of love and of sacred relationship with Spirit and Nature (invaluable allies on our paths). Lucille DancingWind shares personal experiences that span decades of shattering boundaries of comfort and logic, to discover the miracles that manifest ‘against all odds'. These real life stories are awe-inspiring, radical, mystical, controversial, humorous, heart-wrenching and extraordinary. She also reveals a wealth of insights gained from experience, Nature and Spirit, to empower us on our journeys. Sacred Possibilities will enable you to: • Trust yourself, life and your unique path in all situations. • Harness the boundless power of your intuitive abilities and energy. • Celebrate who you are on Earth, quirks and all. • Embrace your sacred, true nature – including your sensuality and sexuality. • Discover your personal key to living the life you're meant to live. • Receive more of the miraculous possibilities that await you. • Connect with beings of Nature and Spirit. • Navigate the unknown with greater confidence. • Understand your fears. • Witness how the Divine delights in giving beyond our wildest dreams. • Know you are fully supported on your path. • Gain a greater perspective of our multi-dimensional, conscious world.
This was a significant example of sacred possibilities for me. I learned a valuable lesson about comparison. In my late teens, when I first became aware of intuitive abilities, I had felt that everyone I read about had more useful ones than I did. I tried to acquire abilities like theirs, and I ended up quite disappointed. I obviously wasn't meant to experience what they did. Now that my own abilities have developed and evolved, I feel blessed to have them. Each of us receives exactly what we require for our specific sacred paths. I've seen from my own experiences and observations with so many, that the more you embrace your true essence and express it in everything you do, the more you allow yourself to experience your personal potential that wants to manifest. This is how you discover your gifts and divinely given purpose! While the process may take more time for you than it does for someone else, it's always perfect for each of us. I've learned that if we're meant to have knowledge about something, we will receive it when the time is right for us. I've also learned that being impatient doesn't speed up the process one bit-even when we have the highest intentions! Every aspect of our beings is tailored for our unique paths and reveals its higher purpose with impeccable timing-governed by the Divine. There's always great wisdom at play, and everything is orchestrated with precision. None of it is redundant, and at some point it will make perfect sense. We just have to patiently trust the process.Our sleep dreams can also teach us more about ourselves. They are like reminders guiding us on our paths. Some particular dream experiences feel very different than the usual ones. They have a different quality to them. When I have such dreams, they feel as real as my physical experiences when awake, and every detail is imprinted in me. Interestingly, many of my physical experiences become forgotten or dreamlike, whereas I never forget these special dream experiences, and they always open the door to so much more! One night, in May of 2007, I had one of those vivid dream experiences. I suddenly found myself swimming in the ocean, at great speeds. I was leaping out, using what I realized was a dolphin tail to propel myself! I felt great joy as I leaped high above the waves and dove back into the water. Then, abruptly, I was walking in human form, in a forest of giant evergreen trees in a community of Native American people. A wise elder was serenely watching me from where he sat. I walked up to him, and he showed me a dolphin tattoo along the inside of his right forearm. It looked like a black line drawing. As he pointed a finger to it, he looked at me and said, "You are part of the Dolphin Clan." Then I woke up. Months later I had another brief, profound dream experience. This time I found myself floating in the universe. Suddenly, I was in the presence of a radiant, luminescent female star being. She gracefully greeted me, forehead to forehead, and told me simply, "Your star name is Aylani." and then she vanished. I saw its spelling in my dream and then woke up. I felt guided to research this name on the Internet and was surprised to discover that it does exist on Earth and its origin is Hawaiian. (It is spelled with an i instead of the y that I had seen.) I also discovered that this method of greeting, forehead to forehead, is highly significant among Polynesian cultures. I was in awe. With our dreams comes the awareness of certain things. After I had this dream, I began to notice dolphins showing up consistently in my physical environment, in the most unexpected ways. They were obviously making sure I paid attention. Months later, I suddenly felt guided one day to research the relationship between dolphins and the star system of Sirius. I had learned to not question my intuitive guidance, no matter how unusual it might seem. As I searched online, I simply allowed myself to go where I felt guided to go, with no conscious navigation. I discovered a woman who lived on the island of Hawai'i and she was organizing two weeks of swimming with wild dolphins in the Caribbean ocean, off a tiny island called Bimini! My soul quickened at the idea of doing this. I knew that if I was meant to go, I would receive clear guidance and everything would work out somehow. And against all odds, it actually did!By the winter of that year, it became clear that I had to go. I knew it in my heart and had no doubt in my mind. However, it was understood at the corporate office where I worked that vacation in the summer months was strictly reserved for employees who had seniority of 25 years or more. I had twelve years of service, and since this dolphin experience was scheduled for the end of June and beginning of July, logically I would be completely wasting my money to book this trip. But I felt strongly that I had to do so, and the dolphins made sure I did. By this time, they were showing up in my life every day, in every way imaginable. I felt guided one day to look at flights on the Internet and discovered a seat sale-with dolphins advertising something in the sidebar of the website. I booked my flight and then reserved my space for the dolphin journey of two weeks. I had no idea how everything would work out, but I felt so excited! I had always felt a loving connection with dolphins, and just the thought of seeing wild dolphins in the ocean-never mind swimming freely with them in their natural environment-felt so very special to me. I also appreciated ...
Lucille DancingWind is a mystic, life-empowerment mentor, author and the founder of Sacred Earth Connection™. For decades, she has allowed her heart to lead her miracle-filled life. By being an amazing example of what's possible, she inspires men and women to courageously live their own unique paths. She has been described as "a shining spirit walking through the forest of life, spreading her magic".

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