Kaizen to Pilates and Beyond
Kaizen to Pilates and Beyond
Perfect Bound Softcover
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A good assortment of Pilates exercises using the big ball, small ball, Thera band, Pilates ring, foam roller, and a pole. There are easily understandable instructions and specially choreographed illustrations for each exercise, for beginners through to advanced levels and trainers.

Stretching is taken a step further by using the big ball, small ball, Thera band, Pilates ring, foam roller, and a pole. These exercises will show that you do not necessarily have to be supple to get an overall good workout by doing stretch exercises with or without props.

Above all, this is a practical manual that can help toward achieving and maintaining a good level of fitness.

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Karin's background is in ballet, modern ballet, jazz, and Greek dancing. She was an aerobics and callanetics instructor for many years, and after doing a Pilates course, she changed direction and opened a studio in Hout Bay. She also teaches Pilates and stretch classes in Cape Town and has exercise classes for the elderly and disabled. She lives in Hout Bay, a quaint coastal town near Cape Town.

A brilliant book with loads of new Pilates and stretch exercises. Worth every penny
Suzanne Weylandts 
One of the best Pilates books ever. Love it. Loads of new exercises and the stretching exercises with the props is new and refreshing!!!
Arline Drummond  
This book is brilliant! Kaizen to Pilates and Beyond covers everything you'd ever want to know about pilates etc. from getting started to advanced work and everything in between. Written for all levels and easy to follow. It's well organized, with beautiful photos and spot on cues. Super easy to follow. I would highly recommend this book as one of the best books written about Pilates- it is fun to read, easy to understand and inspirational!
What a brilliant book and especially the stretching exercises with the props, very new to me....
Wilma Visser 
This book is my best buy for the year. Absolutely love it. Thank you
Elizabeth Ehlers 
What a fantastic book worth every penny with great new exercises and I especially love the stretching exercises with props. fantastic!!!
Elizabeth Ehlers 
A lovely book with wonderful new exercises. Absolutely love it. Really worth having it. Beautifully explained. I also like the short and sweet approach with no long explanations. Thank you for that
Keira Ric-Hansen 
Absolutely brilliant. A great book.
Joyce Smith 

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