Thirty Days to Life
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Perspectives discusses the journey of the author to accomplish a task he received: to see the good in all things for thirty consecutive days. He presents the conflicts experienced during and after the 316 days it took him to complete the task.

The author discusses the lessons received that have changed his perspective on the roles of self, the interaction of self with positive and negative energies, and his relationship with others. Perspectives demonstrates what can be achieved when you allow yourself to reject the influence of negative forces in your life and interpret all that we see with the strength of understanding and love. The author encourages self-awareness as well as awareness of both positive and negative energies, so that readers, like the author, will learn to distinguish the bounty of love that exist in their lives. In doing so, readers can experience a greater fulfillment of life and a deeper understanding of our spiritual connections.

Perspectives promotes spiritual understanding and evolution through the author’s own personal experiences. In the process, the reader is able to find the method to correlate and advance their own life journey from the information presented.

Those who are truly ready to control their own spiritual journey will be afforded the opportunity to expand their understanding of self and of universal awareness through their continual spiritual evolution.

It was a simple task that was given to me and it was by my choice alone that I accepted the challenge. To see the good in all things that happen I had to understand what happened and then find within it the goodness that it brought. It was a simple task as all I needed to do was control me. All that I needed to do was understand myself. I had to see the good in all things and when I saw the good I could feel comfortable with myself and those around me. If I could see the good in all things I would not need to wrestle with the control my own emotions. I thought that I would be able to complete the task without much effort. After all, it was just a simple task, yet his warning echoed in my head: He: “This will be difficult” He: “There is one small caveat. During the performance of the task, should you fail to see the good in something around you, then regardless of how many days have passed, you must restart the consecutive days in a row at zero." I will not worry on that rule; it will be a simple. Three hundred and sixteen days and forty four restarts later, I looked at my calendar and realized that thirty consecutive days in a row had passed. It was a simple task, yet it took over three hundred days to complete. Perspectives presents a discussion of the three hundred and sixteen day of my journey. It includes my reflections on the journey, the lessons that were presented, and discussions of the aftermath of that journey on changing my perspectives. As I proceed through this journey, many thoughts come and go in my head. On one such day I wrote this note at the front of this book, to save for later use: “Happiness is but an illusion, held by a thread to a wish and a dream for which the smallest mistake either intentional or by accident may break so easily; falling unfettered into the deepest hole of sorrow.” I shared this note with a friend and then Rich. He thought that I might be depressed. I was working on lesson thirteen at the time and it was a very hard section to write. One night I was given an opportunity to speak with Ylliachon, the Archangel of patience, and I shared the thought above. When he heard what I had written, he patiently corrected me. “It is sorrow, pain, and suffering that are an illusion, happiness; joy and love exist always and forever.”- Ylliachon

In November of 1973 the author crossed over from the physical to the spiritual universe and back again. He hid away the memories until 1995, when a series of family events convinced him to delve deeper into the levels of human existence. In February of 2009 he received a gift that opened his eyes, mind, and heart; and enabled him to observe how the keepers of universal knowledge interact with our human existence. The author shares those experiences in this book.


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