Dynamic Healing
Dynamic Healing
A Practitioner's Guide to Reiki Applications
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Today, more and more people are turning back to natural and holistic forms of healthcare. Reiki is becoming a recognized name, being practiced in both holistic centers and hospitals around the world. Dynamic Healing presents Reiki practitioners with an innovative approach to working with clients as well as a compilation of both new and traditional Reiki applications. It is an educational and instructional book meant to enhance the practice of any Reiki student or master. In this book you will discover • a review of basic energy anatomy and the traditional Reiki hand positions; • an alternative and highly effective set of hand positions based on Ayurvedic philosophies; • instruction in using evaluation tools to assess your client's specific needs; • new and traditional protocols for mental and emotional work, acute trauma, standard balancing, and closing a session; and • detailed information on how to design a session that is individualized and highly beneficial.

Invaluable Additions to your Energetic Toolkit

The best way to deliver an effective Reiki session is to first evaluate your client's needs. What issues, if any, is the client dealing with right now? What is the client looking to achieve from this session? Are there chakras or meridians out of balance? Are there any specific areas of energy disturbance? Your client's needs should impact your plan for each session.

In this chapter, we present three evaluation tools: the pendulum, muscle testing, and body scanning. The purpose of these tools is to help you get a clear picture of your client's energy patterns and determine which Reiki protocol will be most beneficial at each session. All three tools can be used for gathering information from the body, and each one has its own merits. The pendulum is primarily used for determining the state of the chakras. Muscle testing is an investigative tool that can help you find not only the priority issue to address, but also the most beneficial Reiki protocol to use to address it. Body scanning is used for pinpointing the exact location of an issue.

When used together, these tools will help you create personalized sessions for your clients that will be most beneficial to their specific needs. Experiment with all three tools and find what works best for you in different situations. Remember everyone is different, and the more tools you have in your toolbox, the more options you have for affecting change.

Praise for Dynamic Healing

I met Valerie when she became active supporting our Touch for Health (TFH) board of directors, and I was very encouraged by her youthful spirit and positive vision for the work. With this book, she brings a wealth of practical, hands-on tools that will undoubtedly bring greater physical comfort, emotional peace, health and function, and joy and satisfaction in life to many people who practice and receive these techniques. I am delighted to see that she has incorporated a few simple but very powerful tools from TFH/ Energy Kinesiology to enhance and expand the procedures and benefits of the Reiki work presented in this book. Though many of the techniques are intended for experienced Reiki practitioners, the Stress Release protocol, which we call ESR (emotional stress release), is a powerful tool in the hands of the practitioner but also a very accessible technique that anyone can learn and apply from her succinct description, in the educational kinesiology tradition. This book is a valuable testimony and resource for the power that human beings have in their hands, and our ability to support each other through human touch.

Matthew Thie, coauthor TFH Pocketbook with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors (2003); Touch for Health: The Complete Edition (2005).

This clearly written and illustrated guide is sure to benefit any Reiki practitioner and help take your practice to the next level. Its step-by-step instructions and synthesis of techniques will wonderfully enhance your therapeutic toolkit.

Debra Greene, PhD, author of Endless Energy

Marina Lando is the consummate professional in scope and understanding of her work. A woman of integrity and honesty, she brings these characteristics to any endeavor and certainly to her writing with her coauthor Valerie Remhoff in their book Dynamic Healing. You'll want to read and use this wonderful approach to living healthfully.

Dr. Natalie L. Winters, psychologist, psychodramatist (TEP), hypnotherapist, and author of Tools for Happiness: An Easy Guide to a Joyful Life.

Marina Lando and Valerie Remhoff are experienced Reiki masters with successful holistic healing practices in North Carolina. Gifted healers, educators, and perpetual students, they have abundant knowledge in their field. Dynamic Healing combines their new and traditional techniques into a practical guidebook of valuable tools for practitioners of all levels.


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