Health Coach Wisdom
Health Coach Wisdom
You Have the Power to Be Healthy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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You Have the Power to Be Healthy You have the power to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain cancers. You can take control and start living a healthy life today! This is a simple guide with easy answers on how to eat nutritious meals that fuel your mind and body, how to get functionally fit to prevent injury, and how to find peace of mind so you can enjoy each day fully and sleep soundly at night. Health Coach Wisdom reveals natural ways to help you lose weight, get fit and feel great. It is your step by step action plan to making simple changes with a big impact. If you want to move from surviving to thriving, you can get started creating your own healthy lifestyle today.

In Health Coach Wisdom, you will discover how easy it is to: ♥ Reach and maintain your healthy weight without dieting ♥ Weave in fitness throughout your day ♥ Control your hunger by balancing your blood sugar ♥ Lower stress, improve your mood and sleep better ♥ Reduce and reverse the signs of aging ♥ Reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes ♥ Develop peace of mind, better relationships and a joyful life ♥ Lighten up the everyday foods you love to eat ♥ Create daily healthy habits—a key to success!


Regardless of how you feel right now, as you begin to practice the strategies in this book, you will change your health and life for the better. Between 80 to 90 percent of diseases can be prevented with healthy lifestyle habits. I know it is possible because I have not only learned the secrets of becoming healthy and fit, I have practiced them. I had a compelling reason to learn about health. Most all of my family, including my mother, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, have died prematurely from heart disease. The frustration I felt from watching people I loved suffer, without knowing how to take care of their health, motivated me to learn how to eat and live well. I felt an urgent need to help others prevent the pain of stroke, heart attack, and missing out on their life. The key to feeling great, maintaining a healthy weight and being happy is by focusing on wellness and learning to listen to your own needs to create a healthy lifestyle that works for you. When you are finished reading and taking the action steps in Health Coach Wisdom, you will have more energy, be less stressed, and know how to create the healthy and happy life you deserve. It is easier than you have been told to feel great, have good relationships, enjoy peace of mind, lose weight and keep it off—for good. The answer lies in caring about yourself and understanding your motivations. You'll learn about the power of nutrition and its' affect on your life. I've studied in the fields of nutrition, fitness and positive psychology to find these answers. I‘ve found ways to cook healthy foods that make life pleasurable. The recipes in Health Coach Wisdom have all been approved and edited by a Registered Dietitian. In addition, many of my recipes were approved by Registered Dietitians and used in teaching the Diabetes Prevention Program. The participants were happy to learn how delicious fresh and healthy foods taste.

Every choice you make either puts you on the path to good health or poor health. Focus your attention on being healthy and your weight will naturally stabilize, creating a strong body and a peaceful mind. The Biggest Secret of All is Hidden Within You

You hold the key to your own health and happiness. Believe you deserve to be healthy and happy. You are perfect as you are right now, a good, kind and loving person. Mistakes you have made are in the past and are not “failures”, they are lessons on your life's path. Resolve to be a person who treats yourself well and inspires others. Learn the basic facts about the components of a healthy lifestyle. In Health Coach Wisdom you will discover…

8 Steps to Your Healthy Weight and Vibrant Life

Step 1: Your Thoughts Create Your Health. It is your thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from living your healthiest life. The way to create lasting health is to start from the inside, to change the way you think about your health. We will make a plan to focus on your health, and then we will examine what is most important to you.

Step 2: Eat Well: The Healing Power of Nutrition. Anyone can eat well. It doesn't matter if you are single, married, work full time, have a family, or don't have a lot of money. Eating is very personal, yet there are some nutritional benefits that most experts agree upon. Nourish yourself with powerful nutrients eaten in proper portions for your needs. You will find answers to your eating dilemmas, delicious healthy recipes and meal planning ideas to keep you motivated.

Step 3: Weave Fitness into Your Daily Routine. Think it can't be done? Maybe you don't know how easy it can be to weave fitness in throughout your day. You will discover that being fit is easier than you think with tips that show you how to become strong, fit and healthy, one day at a time.

Step 4: Be Socially Connected in a Healthy Way. One of the key components to health is being socially connected with good relationships. “Social networking” has taken on a whole new meaning. Stay connected to others in a real and meaningful way, and not just through the computer. We must be careful not to disconnect with important people in our daily lives. Learn the secrets to building strong and healthy relationships.

Step 5: Eliminate Stress and Live a Joyful Life. We can choose how we perceive the events in our lives. Learn how to reduce and even eliminate stress so that we are able to accept the life we deserve. Fun is one of the most overlooked steps in creating a joyful, healthy life. Have fun each day. You deserve it and your health depends on it.

Step 6: Where Personal Growth Meets Spirituality. The doorway to vitality opens by growing and continually learning something new. If you don't water and nurture your garden, not even the weeds will grow. Having a spiritual connection will change everything by giving you strength, vision and a new appreciation for life's lessons. Being your best self not only inspires others, it will improve our world.

Step7: Find Peace with Your Sense of Purpose. Purpose means something different to everyone. The main theme of this book is: You have the power. On some level, you know your purpose but may have not fully tapped into it yet. In this step we examine ways for you to find meaning and purpose in your life.

Step 8: Sleep and Other Wellness Strategies. Lack of sleep can be hazardous to your health and create a cascade of problems. Neglecting things like dental care and other necessary health routines directly affect our ability to thrive. Learn how to take proactive steps to safeguard your health and prevent illness by creating healthy habits.

Lynell Ross is proud to be a Certified Health & Wellness Coach with the Wellcoaches® School of Coaching, endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine. After losing much of her family to heart disease, she took control of her health and gained education as a Nutrition and Fitness Instructor, a Certified Personal Trainer with The American Council on Exercise and a Lifestyle Coach for the Diabetes Prevention Program. Upon learning that 84% of diseases (including type 2 diabetes and heart disease, the number one killer in America) are preventable through lifestyle changes, Lynell embarked on a path to create a healthy lifestyle and vowed to empower others to prevent heart disease and to improve their overall health and happiness.

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