So, Why Become Vegan?
So, Why Become Vegan?
A. Nutritional Reasons B. Spiritual Reasons C.Environmental Reasons D. Ethical Reasons E. All of the Above
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While walking on a beach in Bali, a friend asked me – “S0, why did you become a vegan?” It was at that moment that I thought to write this book. The answer to that question is a combination of everything that I had come to understand in my life. We all need to become more aware of the impact our choices are making upon ourselves, the earth and every living thing on it. The health and well being of all living creatures depends on these choices. A vegan lifestyle is as cruel-free as possible, environmentally friendly and extremely healthy. This book will take you on a confronting and informative journey from which there may be no return. Stimulate your thoughts, challenge old belief patterns and allow your awareness to expand and the path will appear, and so might the question – So, why become vegan?



Becoming more aware

A vegetarian does not eat food that directly involved an animal having to be killed to consume it. A vegan’s primary focus is to be compassionate to all animals therefore they do not eat anything that has an animal product in it.

A vegetarian may still eat dairy, eggs, honey, rennet and gelatin. If you eat fish you are not a vegetarian, you are a pescetarian. You eat no meat and poultry but you do eat fish and seafood. Where vegetarianism is the practice of excluding all animal flesh including fish, seafood, crustaceans, game and poultry, veganism is far more strict and a lifestyle rather than a dietary choice

A dietary vegan does not eat anything that has an animal product in it. An ethical vegan follows a vegan diet and also includes the vegan philosophy in every aspect of their life. They do not wear fur, leather, wool or silk. They do not use products that have been tested on animals. They do not condone hunting, fishing, dog/horse-racing, animal medical testing, circus animals and zoos.

When people ask me "what made you a vegan?" I say I feel that I was born that way. What made you a meat eater? Think about it. I think we were all born vegans and our parents conditioned us to eat meat. We are taught from a very early age “what” to think rather than “how to think for ourselves”. Take a moment to visualize yourself walking through the woods. You are enjoying the peacefulness and feeling close to nature. You see a squirrel. What is your reaction? "Oh, how cute is that" would be the normal response. As you walk on you see a blackberry bush. What is your reaction? "Yum" Our instinct is to pick the berries and eat them. Our natural instinct never made us want to eat the squirrel. Think about it.

Have you ever observed a child's behaviour at a ‘Kids Animal Farm’? As parents we take our children there so that they can pat and feed the calves, lambs and chickens. The children, in their own special way, want to be kind to the animals. They have this need to hold them. It is almost obsessive behaviour. Hopefully, for the animals sake, the parents will guide the child how to be gentle in their loving handling of the animal. The need to be connected with the animal being is very strong. It is like they need to be with a life force. Why is it that they want so badly a dog or a cat, a guinea-pig or something to love? It is their natural instinct to want to be connected with a life-force.

If we would ask a child at the animal farm who is holding a chick: "Would you like to eat this chick?" What do you think the child would say? Well, the child probably would not say much because he would be in shock. Tears would swell up in his eyes as he runs to his parents crying "Mum this woman wants me to eat the chicken!" Well, my guess is that the child already does and it was his parents who cleverly disguised it as mince or sate or a slice on his bread. Once our bodies and taste-buds are accustomed to eating meat, we become meat-eaters wondering how those crazy vego's do it. After all we are meant to eat meat, aren't we?

Do you have any memories of when you were a child walking through the vegetable patch with an adult picking beans, strawberries and tomatoes? If the answer is Yes, how did it feel? If the answer is No, how do you think it would have felt? Good, hey?

Now, do you have any memories of an adult taking you through an abattoir? If the answer is No, how do you think it would feel? If the answer is Yes, you are probably a vegan fighting for animal rights. So what changes? As children our bodies are pure with pure clean cells.

It is our parents who introduce death to us in the form of cooked meat. It is heavily disguised with salt and sauces, in shapes, as deepfried food or on a BBQ dripping in tomato-sauce. In nature, all omnivores and carnivores eat their meat raw. Eating raw and bloody meat is disgusting to us so we cook and season it. Human meateaters do anything to get rid of the raw meat taste. How do you think raw meat would taste? Our palate would not approve. Slowly our cells lose their pureness and our tastebuds take over as we become detached from the animals we were once so fondly connected to. Eating meat is considered an ethical, moral and traditional issue. To go against any of this is like an insult to our mothers. We even make up excuses for the slaughter of animalbeings. We say: "We need animal protein and we need iron". “God created animals for our use” is another favourite saying.

How about "We must take the life force of a goat by slicing open its neck while facing Mecca otherwise we don't go to heaven"?

Who made up those rules? How about: Thou shalt not kill? Oh, it doesn't apply to animal beings.

How about: Wish for others what you would wish for yourself. For example: shelter, food, kindness, no fear, and a safe place to reproduce naturally. Sorry, but this only applies to human beings, not animal beings. The men who made up these rules all those centuries ago must have really known their stuff. They clearly separated the needs of humans from the need of animal beings.

What about our dog or cat? Would you eat them? Why not? Is it because of the emotional and physical attachment? Well, people do eat dogs in places where they don't eat cows because of their attachment to the cow.

Can you see that we make all these rules to suit ourselves? That is why there are whale lovers and whale-meat lovers. Why is the killing of a whale more horrific than the killing of a cow? Well, because we want to watch them in our oceans. We are attached to what our needs are. Lucky whale! In some parts of the world horse is eaten. Instead of Pony Club, they have Pony club sandwiches.

There are patterns in human behaviour and they are all taught when we are young children. We learn to attach ourselves to what we are told our needs are and we learn to detach for the same reason.

With a growing awareness and several years studying nutrition and iridology, Sandra shifted from vegetarian to vegan, became a passionate animal rights activist and decided to write it all down for her three children. Always asked why she became a vegan, Sandra has responded with this revealing book.
Great writing easy to read opened my eyes about be a vegan
Annie romeyn 
The author Sandra Kimler speaks from her heart with great conviction and knowledge. She asks hard questions such as; is it right in an enlightened and civilized society to often cruelly and callously slaughter our fellow creatures? She presents compelling arguments as to why we are much better off health-wise and environmentally if we become vegan, but over-arching all of these issues is the constant question: is what we are doing spiritually and ethically right? I am not quite there yet but this book has done more than anything else to move me to the point of going Vegan, for both my own health and the health of society at large.
Lee Osborn 
Beautifully written. Speaks from the heart. Healthful information we can integrate into our lives. Spiritually uplifting. Love the quotes.
Wether you decide to became Vegan or wether you decide to simply became more aware of the food you eat and where it comes from, the quest to raise the consciousness of the world is achieved in this delightful book. Awareness is key.
Animals and the planet deserve our love and respect. Eating less meat, or no meat, is healthful, for us all, including mother earth our only home. Sandra Kimler succeeds in informing without blaming.
I feel if we must eat some meat, endeavour to buy from a local grower, where the animal has had a good life and is slaughtered humanly.
I know many Vegans are militant, and understandably so, when you look at all the industries that abuse animals in the name of food and clothing. It's horrifying.
I hope as a world we move to more human and ethical farming and production practises. Where the world is now, the suffering of so many animals is unnessasry, barbaric and inhuman.
Thank you Sandra for taking the time to write this important book and for sharing your message so thoughtfully with the world.
Much love to you.
Mina Sedgman 
This easy to read book clearly outlines numerous reasons for becoming vegan. Great reading for anyone considering reducing their meat, cruelty, and environmental impact in this world. Filled with common sense and passion, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Thanks Sandra
Serge Spykers 
I was given this book by my friend and with somewhat resistance I started to read it since I was not a vegan. Well, I couldn't put the book down. I learned many things about myself and the way I viewed my eating habits. Sandra Kimler does not push veganism down your throat but rather explains what consequences your eating habits causes. I think it is a great read regardless of whether you are vegan or not.
Tracy Mann 
The author Sandra Kimler is passionate and knowledgeable on the topic and has lived and studied being vegan almost her entire life. This book makes you face the consequence of the food choices you make without resorting to distasteful details. The book also dispels your excuses not to become vegan leaving you with a very real choice of do you enjoy your food regardless of the consequences or do the outcomes of your choices bring enjoyment to your food. Be warned, I haven't wanted bacon and eggs for breakfast since reading this book 6 months ago.
Danny Sleswick 
I love Sandra's writing style, she is a great story teller as well as sharer of valuable insights & information. A great read, I am so grateful for this valuable book. I am a vegetarian who has been trying to be vegan and this book makes so much sense.
Manda E 
If you love yourself and care about the food that you eat, then this is a must read. This book is more than an education in veganism. It is a love story filled with heart and compassion. Sandra writes with such passion, honesty and boldness. I learned so much. This book inspired me to change my eating habits and become more aware of what I put in to my body. Well done, Sandra Kimler! For the animals and the world, I say thank you for this outstanding masterpiece.
Tyffany Howard 
Thank you for writing this masterpiece Sandra Kimler. I was born in Hamilton, New Zealand (fondly referred to as "The Waikato" - NZ Dairy Farming Region). I spent many happy school holidays relaxing and playing tennis with my cousins on my Grandparents Dairy Farm. That was my early conditioning to the normality of every evening meal consisting of meat and 3 veg. When I was a teenager I embraced meditation and have continued to practice meditation, and all of it's teachings. Whilst reading your book, I realised I had continued to eat meat to avoid the truth of the horrors and injustices that our animal beings are subjected to. Your book led me gently toward the harsh reality in a most enlightened and caring way. Very interesting point that you also unearthed for me, that has been hidden, deep down in my subconscious - "You stay stagnant because eating meat and bringing suffering has Karma attached to it." I live my life to be a better person today than I was yesterday, I am leaning into Veganism for this reason and of course not to mention the unlimited, scientifically proven health benefits.
Jan Stevens 
Fabulous book, very informative and well explained... Very grateful to have this gem in my library.
Carla Lijffijt  
So, why read this book, because you will a great deal more than you think you know. And if you are considering making the compassionate leap into veganism, I assure you, you will, after reading Sandra Kimler's book. She gives you easy to read facts, charts and information on the vegan lifestyle. And I love the little notes, thoughts and quotes by many notable people, past and present. I thought I knew a lot about veganism, but I was happy to know I could learn more. I keep her book on my coffee table for reference and inspiration. I think you will too. Sandra's book will change your life in a very positive way. So, Why Become Vegan? Get the book and you'll understand why. Thank you Sandra.
Marko Madrazo 
Sandra’s book is as insightful as it is life changing. So much so, I read it twice in 2 days! The author mounts a comprehensive argument to becoming vegan. This book helped to convince me to go from Vegetarian to Vegan through its factual and informative underpinnings.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that cares about animals and is interested in the truth about their treatment. This book will blow your mind and help you to see the benefits of becoming vegan from a spiritual, ethical, nutritional and environmental standpoint.

In 2012, the UN created a film in every major language urging humanity to embrace vegetarianism. Disturbingly, films like this and information is largely hidden due to the profits of major animals farming corporations. This book gives a rare insight into the truth and nature of animals and the suffering they endure. I highly recommend it for anyone that wants to raise their vibration and help transform humanity to include all beings as one.
Dr Caitilin de Bérigny 
As a vegetarian for over 30 years I still had many health issues and so turned my attention 5 years ago to studying health and cutting edge research which yielded results that included ceasing all medication, a tall feat considering I was diabetic for one. So it was not without considerable surprise that upon reading Sandra's straight forward and easy to understand book that many pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Sandra insight and knowledge will save similar enquiring souls years off their journey and regardless of your experience with vegetarianism is a must read. A truly original piece. Well done!
Peter James 
I have been a vegan now for 4 years and I thought I was pretty passionate about it until I started reading "Why Become Vegan". Sandra Kimler comes from a heart, soul and head space that has the capability of saving us from a future of unsustainability, cruelty to animals and the spiritual turmoil it causes and eleviating of disease and unwell being. Thank you Sandra, thank you so much!!
Don Coyne 
Thank you, Sandra for writing from your heart and touching mine!! I love your book, you have explained in a simple language, with no ego, what it means to you to be vegan. Its up to the reader to make their mind up.... Well I have. Since you welcomed my family with open arms to your beautiful property for those two days, my life and my family's life has changed for the better. We have only eaten fish as far as meat goes, since. I am learning so much about clean, healthy eating with a low or little impact on animal lives. They are in this world for us to admire and love... Not to eat!!
My skin has cleared up, Michael and I are loosing weight at a rapid rate through better, simpler eating and exercise and we have so much more energy for life. We all eat guilt free. We LOVE the banana smoothie for breakfast every morning!
I cant wait for my children to read your book, as they have so many questions, some I can answer, some they need to form their own opinion from your beautiful book.
Thanks Sandra.
Big Love.x
Lizz Perez 
Sandra Kimler's book "Why Become Vegan" is not just pointing out innumerable facts and figures on the question of veganism, but her friendly writing makes easy reading, gradually bringing to consciousness several fundamental issues on how we live together on this planet. The implications become self-evident that somehow we just cannot continue in our old, unconscious beliefs and actions. Her main message, I feel, is the inter-connectedness between our individual and collective behaviour and welfare - the happiness of the whole of Life on this beautiful Earth.
Celia Novy 
For a long period of time I have been struggling with figuring out how to eat healthy and still being vegan. When I first started my journey on this new path I didn't know that eating is such an art. The more books I read on the topic the more I was confused. All great books, no offence, but I needed something more clear. And this is what Sandra's book is for me. A very gentle but concise walk through on each topic and not confusing at all!
She is mixing the right amount of chemistry knowledge with heart and nutrition.
I would recommended this book to everybody, it's a very handy thing for people who are new to being vegan as well as the ones who have been walking this path for a long time already.
Maja Rodela 
Great Vegan book. Sandra explains how veganism fits into our lives on every level. Easy to read and understand. I love her stories. I was recommended this book and I am so happy that I've read it. It is also good to read this book twice because it is filled with so much valid information.
Lots of nutritional information. Makes so much sense!
Loved the book and I will recommend it to anyone young and old.
Alec Williams 
Lovely book, Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Elizabeth Carter 
Game-changing book. It was obvious to see it was written by a beautiful, loving author who is passionate about it's content. Definitely validated the importance of veganism in all aspects of this life. The book explores the nutritional, spiritual, environmental & ethical reasons to become vegan perfectly. A well-read, loved and shared book of mine. After reading this the real question became- Why NOT Become Vegan?
A wonderful book. A stepping stone for your own change into higher consciousness. Remarkable in its simplicity and directness , I highly recommend this book to anyone who want to change for the better.
Paol Serret
Paol Serret 
I love this book ! A stepping stone for your own change into higher consciousness. Remarkable in its simplicity and directness.
Paol Serret 
I am currently completing a research project and this book has been immensely helpful. It is a book for everyone whether vegan or not, you will learn something. Everything is well explained, easy to understand and it is clear that Sandra is passionate about this topic which makes this book an interesting read. She handles hard ethical questions well and has many facts that backup her beliefs. Quotes placed in her book also create a more powerful effect to what she is writing and overall makes it a lovely read. Very glad I picked this book up! Thank you Sandra!
Jacqui Maynard 

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