The 100% You Formula
The 100% You Formula
How to Achieve More Energy, Vitality, and Focus by Clearing Hidden Blocks to Your Unlimited Success with Quantum Energy
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Julie Renee mentors powerful, ambitious leaders who refuse to play small but are being taken out of their game by exhaustion and “fuzzy brain”. She helps them regenerate the brain, clear blocks and become fully fueled so they can get back to their mission and play full out

“This feels like it was written for me! Like so many other people, I had reached a certain level of success in my career. But I found myself exhausted and rundown, with never enough ‘me’ time to recharge. I accepted that as how it had to be until I read this amazing book. It taught me how to clear my blocks so I can work smarter, not harder. I have regained my clarity and power and feel ready to relaunch at my true 100 percent. Thank you, Julie Renee!”

—Barbara Niven, actress, media trainer, speaker, and bestselling author

“Julie Renee provides a keen perspective on the inner workings of the spirit and body connection and how these inner workings direct and affect each one of us. Her work is for anyone who wants more out of life.”

—James Malinchak, founder of Big Money Speaker, featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire

“It’s rare to meet someone so gifted and clear about who they are and what they are here to do on the planet. She’s bringing a unique body of work to the world that is an important contribution to humanity.”

—Marcie Shimoff, author of four New York Times bestselling books; featured in the film The Secret

“Want to live the full, luscious life you deserve? Julie Renee Doering offers a clear and delightfully comprehensive road map in her latest masterpiece. Get ready for your ah-ha moments on a journey to joy. Julie Renee skillfully raises our consciousness and rekindles our hope for a life of total health and happiness. For powerful, ambitious women ready to play it big, this book will show you how to energetically give 100 percent and produce a you that shouts your true value to the world!”

—Sharon Frame, former CNN anchor, author, and your “Focus and Follow-Through” coach

100% YOU!
The Ultimate 5-Step Restart Formula to Help You Become Healthy, Happy, and in Love with Your Life NOW!
Have you ever imagined yourself receiving an award on stage? Perhaps you’ve imagined a Nobel Peace Prize, an International Leadership Award, or possibly winning a cross-fit competition or dance competition. Have you ever imagined improving your health and vitality so much that your future holds many more additional years than your elders? What if you could not only overcome illness, injury and suffering, but you could live at 100%? Imagine every part of your body working at 100%, your relationships working at 100%, and your wealth being at 100%.
What if you could use this vitally, focus energy and organic power to speak to and to serve millions of people? What if you could not only have lots of great ideas, but you could have the clarity, focus and momentum to implement? Imagine you getting your vision out in the world with grace and ease. Imagine being recognized for your talents, accomplishments and expertise. Imagine the impact and influence you could wield with your 100% life. Finally you’d have the life you so deserve.
If this describes you, I know what you are craving, what you are about, and where you would like to go. What’s more? I also know what’s standing in your way.
My guess is you have a burning desire to contribute to make a difference, and to have the energy, vitality and focus to fulfill your vision of a big life of contribution. You want to have – you’ve got to have – 100% YOU present with focus, clarity, strength and your best energy in order to help people.

You’re an entrepreneur or small business owner; you’re a mother or father, a professional, or a creative type. And most likely, you’ve been operating and creating your vision from a much lower function of vitality than the 100% mark. Until you picked up this book, it may never have dawned on you that you could create life from 100%. I don’t mean to undervalue the life you have already created. It may be enjoyable and it may be workable, and maybe it’s even rewarding. But at the end of the day, you are still in a body that is not functioning at 100%. And when all is said and done, you are breaking down, aging in a degenerative pattern and you haven’t discovered the secrets for regeneration.
You know there’s more to life. You realize with each passing day your time to impact the world appears to be finite. It’s a vicious cycle; if you had more energy or slept better, or if you could just focus or get momentum back, you might have what you need to see your legacy, your mission, manifest in the world. You realize that if you simply stay on the track you are on now, that time will run out, you may lose your opportunity to fulfill your vision, or you may already have settled into a half life, convinced that ‘it’s just the way it is or that’s just how life works’. Group mind hypnosis – believing that things are the way they are because that’s the way everyone else thinks they are – and a short degenerative life cycle (living less than 150 years) may be the only reality you have ever known.
You also sense something else is possible. Somewhere inside you a dim memory of your own Divine Human Blueprint still eggs you on. It is the thing we call hope, what inspires the envisioning and sends a rippling echo from deep within you; ‘I always knew living 100% full on – healthy, happy and in love with my life – was possible’.

You want to stop living a half-life and start living at 100% every day. You want to trade in your fuzzy brain, exhaustion and sleeplessness for brilliance, momentum, and deep, fulfilling rest so you can live fully self-expressed. You want your 100% life and lifestyle NOW so you can experience the preciousness and value of your life well-lived. You want and need to proactively access all of your potential, and open up to new knowledge, vitality and possibilities for freedom, control and independence!
This book is about you, the ambitious powerful leader who refuses to play small but who is sometimes taken out of the game by exhaustion and fuzzy brain. I want for you to become the 100% YOU SUPER STAR in your life and community so you can live your best life and put yourself first and foremost. And then you’ll have all you need to act upon your personal mission and fulfill your dreams, and create your legacy to the fullest.
Whether you are physically or financially in pretty good shape, have a few challenges, or are really struggling, this book is about you getting back to freedom. There are many options for you to improve your health, wealth, vitality and energy in the world today. The choices are endless, and if you are a beginner or have tried lots of ineffective options, selecting your perfect path may seem daunting. Fortunately, once you access your personal Divine Human Blueprint, great internal movement can occur. The shifts in your health and wealth can quickly result because we will be working with your own internal system, saving you years of time, research, money and effort.
The following pages are designed to turn your inner awareness and already good life into a 100% reality that gives you incredible access, authority and momentum to help you create a wealthy lifestyle effortlessly. And you want to know the best part? Your quantum field will become your wealth magnet.

Julie Renee is the 100% Healthy Life EXPERT. Speaker, Author, Master Health Activator. Surviving atomic bomb testing multiple cancers, a wheelchair and death itself. Her unique gift of healing defines the energy-science of Cellular Quantum Mechanics; how to regenerate the body.

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