Whispered Grace
Whispered Grace
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At the age of fifty-seven the author took three years off from life to learn to listen to her heart and nature. We are not taught to listen. We often do not have someone who will really listen. This book offers meditations offered during her silence so others will know they do not journey alone.

So many wisdom teachings, so many paths. I chose to sit in nature and ask what do I know to be true? All I heard was my heart. I decided that was enough. That was my answer.

I have no Answers. I only know my heart and I know nature’s seasons, especially the silence of winter. We all have our winters, those times when even the age of technology does not gift the voice of a friend. We also have moments of insight and hope when we see with the clarity of a crystal blue sky.
What follows are simple whispers gifted as I’ve learned to walk nature’s rhythms. They are not Truth. They are, I hope, a whispered reminder to you as you journey, that you are not alone. May they be a comfortable seat upon which to sit and hear your heart. May they join with a favorite phrase of mine sweet mercy and offer both a cup and a voice of Whispered Grace.

Beth Chapman was born in the Deep South. At fifty-seven, the mountains of southern Colorado called her to come and listen. Beth left her degrees and work to take time to listen to her heart. With her little four-legged angel, Dibley, she wanders the mountain paths.

It has been a most difficult journey. Beth often muses that we are not raised to listen to our own voice. We are not raised to simply stop and listen to silence. We are not raised to ask what we know is true. That has been her journey. At sixty now, the journey continues every morning as she realizes she has been gifted another day to live a life alive.


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