When You Find Our Bones
When You Find Our Bones
A First Collection of Poetry
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Author Sigari Luckwell knew from a young age that we are all connected. It is from this inner space of emotional resonance that Luckwell shares a sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant compilation of poems and songs intended to inspire and awaken hearts and souls and remind us of our global nature.

In her debut collection of verse, Luckwell begins by considering a variety of emotions that encourage personal exploration, provocative reflection, and laughter. Inspired by the past, present, and future, she continues by highlighting the chaos of political inadequacy, the unexpected expectations of therapy, the meaningless requirements of bureaucracy, and the joys of realizing love and freedom. Also included are short anecdotes that provide insight into Luckwell’s inspiration for these contributions to the collection.

When You Find Our Bones offers an introspective, comforting glimpse into a poet’s journey as she experiences all that life has to offer.



When you find our bones,

I want you to know that many of us laughed often,

Or smiled at a lover over morning coffee, or at a stranger on a train.

I want you to know that the sight of a flower opening its petals to the sun could bring tears to the eyes.

And that the sight of shocked, injured , homeless refugees on the television

Brought a grief so deep, the only response was silence.


When you find our bones,

I want you to know that not all of us drank Coca cola,

Neither did we want our forests raped, our deserts mined to barrenness, nor our oceans as toxic waters

That not all lived for money, power and domination of the world:

That many saw the futility of war and had peaceful hearts

And that this peaceful heart cries out for humanity; for though we are not all war-mongers and greedy businessmen,

We are all responsible.


Many knew grace, peace, beauty and love,

But these were quiet, almost invisible flowers.

They were not loud or shouted from roof-tops,

And perhaps, they should have been.


When you find our bones,

I want you to know we were not all ignorant unconscious idiots,

That life was truly beautiful, and I was grateful for each new day.

I apologize to those who come if this awareness was not enough to avoid global suicide,

But I want you to know all this, When you find our bones.


Sigari Luckwell December 2007

Sigari Luckwell was born in London and emigrated to Australia when she was sixteen. She is a clinical psychologist and meditation teacher. Sigari has two adult children and lives with her partner, Tony, visiting, wild, colourful parrots in Bunbury, Western Australia, where she enjoys painting and writing poetry and songs.

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