The Journey Of The Tree
The Journey Of The Tree
A parable about trusting your heart and seeking your best self
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Desperately trying to please and prove herself worthy, the tree did all she could to win the love and approval of the farmer. Exhausting herself trying to be all she thought he wanted, in the most unsupportive of circumstances, the tree finally reached breaking point.

In a moment of despair the tree had a revelation. She knew she must follow her own heart in order to truly live. Loving herself, and against all convention, the tree set out to recapture who she was really meant to be – a beautiful, life giving tree.

As the tree discovers, loving yourself is not selfish. Respecting your God given needs and desires is not egotistical. These things are necessary to live a fulfilling, happy life.

May this story inspire you to know, like the tree, that you are worthy of total love, harmony and abundance.

In the green, green countryside stood a lovely young tree, with leaves that rustled in the breezes, and branches that spread out wide, and fruit that was round and ruddy and deliciously juicy.

People would come from all around to picnic in the shade of the beautiful tree. Lovers of all ages would kiss in the shadow of its autumn colors, and marry under its pretty blossoms.

As the tree grew, children would climb its strong branches to build tree houses or play hide and seek. They would pick its juicy fruit and lay in the boughs of the tree for hours on end, reading, daydreaming and looking into the leaves and the blue sky beyond.

How the tree enjoyed the people who came and went, who delighted in her fruit, cooled themselves in her shade, and played in all her sweet loveliness. As she nestled into her homey little patch of ground, the sweetness of the earth tickled her roots with tasteful delight, for the earth was rich and deep and good. The tree spread her branches up to the sunlight, drinking in the warmth and nourishment that the sun lavished upon her. The tree was so very happy, as everyone around could plainly see.

I am a baker of chocolate desserts, devotee of LM Montgomery novels, loving mother of three. You’ll usually find me sipping tea and reading in my favorite café, singing classic R&B, sewing, blogging or riding my bike down country lanes. I love pretty gardens, Barbie dolls and historical pop culture.
A wonderful book with an inspiring and worthwhile message!
And the illustrations are delightful; a marvelous collage of mixed media that accompany the story perfectly!

Highly recommended.
This delightfully creative parable by Kesenya Moore, took me on a journey of trust and hope for a love-filled and passion-filled life. Ms Moore then showed how this hope and trust can so easily be trampled if we neglect our true self and hand our lives over to the whim of others.

A tale of courage in dark times and hope reborn through connecting with ones true nature and deep passions.
Thank you Kesenya, may you continue to trust your heart and find peace in your "best self"

Jane O
Jane Ogden 
Clever, creative & courageous - and so is the book!
What a lovely piece of fiction. I recently read an article that supports this story and it goes like this: Somewhere, perhaps in her thirties, a woman realizes that her husband thinks that he's the head of the family, and she is not living the life she wants to live. She begins to speak her mind (these are liberated times after all), but finds that when she does she is met with anger. No matter how she tries to express herself, it only seems to create problems in the relationship. Maybe he yells at her, puts her down, and negates all that she tries to say. It's wonderful that the tree finally found herself in the midst of such sadness.
How sad that the tree lived in such a fantasy that she believed her life should be like Anne of Green Gables. How shocking for the tree when reality reared it head in the form of work and children. How unfair to the farmer that the tree used unhealthy methods of communication like reverse pshycology to try and trick him into being what the tree wanted. How unfair to blame the farmer who was not perfect but did everything in his ability to try to make the tree happy regardless of what this story says. The tree never tells you this though. The tree never explains that she ever verbalized what she wanted untill the tree had an affair with the farmers friend for six months and when the farmer tried everything to save the marriage the tree then told the farmer she needed a six month "holiday". The farmer believed her and calmly helped her move. He still helped the trees new farm when it was under threat of being flooded. The farmer loved the tree and was doing everything he knew how to save the relationship. Yet the tree had no intention of ever coming back.
I will not stand by and watch a farmer be blamed when the tree was equally at fault. Will that be the second book? Where the tree matures and realizes her first book was written out of hurt and anger but wasn't entirely truthful nor accurate? Will the tree ever apologise to the Farmer for such a public defamation of character? I see the tree cry and realise she made a mistake. I will wait patiently for the tree to accept her failings in this situation and stop believing in fairy tales if she ever wants to have a healthy relationship.

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