Laughing in the Rain
Laughing in the Rain
Self-Care for the Storms of Life
Perfect Bound Softcover
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Do you need to reduce stress in your life?

Need a laugh?

Are you feeling mired in parental guilt?

This book will show you how to laugh in the rain, even if your umbrella has holes!

Reflections on Aging: The teenage years and idealistic twenties bring fantasies about having an affair with a movie star or rock musician. After 40, you fantasize about having an affair with a masseuse, chiropractor, or plastic surgeon. "Mom, you look so pretty!" I had put on the false eyelashes that my 17 year old daughter had recommended. I was using this as part of my stage make-up for a community theater production I was in. Several cast members also exclaimed, "You look so pretty!" I guess they didn't realize that once I removed the false eyelashes, eyebrow pencil, lip liner, lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, blush, spanx, push-up bra, hair extensions and support hose, that I would look more like George Burns.

Hillary Saffran resides in Palmer, Alaska. She has worked in social services for many years and is involved in many organizations in her community. She is also an actress, voice - over artist, entertainer and speaker. She uses comedy, ventriloquism, singing and audience participation in her presentations. She began her entertainment career as a birthday party clown over 20 years ago, entertaining all ages from 2-102. She has never told anyone to read her lips.

This is a great tool if you think the world is against you and very thing you do turns out less than perfect. Have a troubled teenager in your home who is making your life miserable? Think your boss is a big jerk because he is always giving you a bad review?

You need a copy of this wonderful book. Learn to smile at difficulty and embrace the day for what it is - an opportunity to dance in the rain.

You deserve this book. Hillary did a great job of finding joy in simple things.
Don Loyd 

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