Wisdom From The Pearl Necklace
Wisdom From The Pearl Necklace
Perfect Bound Softcover
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What kind of message can a pearl necklace hold? Find out in this American fairy tale. The Inner World of Earth is filled with magical, mystical creatures that are trying to keep the Earth clean and her animal kingdom healthy.
Trudy and her friends are sent out on a wondrous adventure by the queen and king of the American Inner World of Earth. With the help of the elves and many fairies, they set out on a journey to learn how to reach the inner power they all possess so that they can go back and teach the humans of Earth how important they are to Earth’s well-being. This is a fable of fun and a spiritual journey you will not soon forget!
11. Maya was relaxing on her front porch with a glass of iced tea when she heard the troop of visitors that she had been waiting for, coming toward her. Henry jumped up onto the railing to watch as they approached, and to ready himself for the dogs he so loved to tease. He arched his back and hissed to get their attention. The dogs raced towards him barking, and the game of chase commenced. Jeff and Adele reached the steps to the porch at the same time, breathless and laughing. “It’s wonderful to see all of you! Please come and sit”. Maya swung her arm around like a game show host to show the happy visitors where to sit. Before sitting they took turns saying hello and giving Maya a warm hug. The two older boys tried to be gentle when they hugged her so that they wouldn’t hurt the old woman. They sat down on the braided rug near the rockers with Trudy. Doni and Adele sat in the chairs next to Maya. On the wicker table was a tray with a pitcher of lemonade and five stacked glasses, “Would you like some lemonade?” Maya was already pouring the first glass. Doni said yes right away and the others nodded in unison. Trudy pointed to the stacked glasses, “How did you know we were coming?” “When I was fixing my iced tea, I got a feeling, and then a picture in my mind that you were going to visit me, so I made some lemonade. It just happens to me sometimes. I believe it is called a premonition.” Maya smiled and continued to serve the ice cold drinks. When she finished she asked if they were hungry, and getting an affirmative nod from the group, she turned and reached for a dish of apple butter sandwiches which seemed to appear on the same tray. “That was like magic!” Doni’s eyes were open wide as he stared at Maya, “How’d you do that? Where did that dish come from?” “Right here,” Maya smiled and pointed to a second shelf on the wicker table.” I just had this white napkin over the dish so that the sandwiches wouldn’t dry out.” Maya held up the white napkin. “I’m sure that I didn’t see anything except the lemonade on that table when we walked up.” Adele looked right into Maya’s beautiful, green, eyes. “People don’t always see what is right in front of them, my dear.” Trudy and Adele exchanged quizzical glances, and shrugged their shoulders. Maya rocked back in her chair, “So, tell me what you’ve been up to today that makes you all look so roused.” “We went to see the Fairies,” Doni blurted out, “and it was really great!” Maya gave Doni a delighted look, “How wonderful!” “We went into the beam of light that we told you about yesterday,” said Trudy. “Yes,” Adele butted in, “Our bodies shrunk down and we were able to enter the tiny passageway, and then we went through a tunnel together. We held hands and just floated in.” “There’s a tunnel under the tree?” “Well, kind of,” Jeff jumped in, “the beginning of it is by the roots of the tree, and you sort of start under the tree, but, you go straight. You don’t go down.” Maya sat back comfortably and took another sip of her tea “Well,” she addressed everyone, “tell me what you saw.” Trudy started, she was very animated as she spoke with her hands moving almost as fast as she was able to talk. “Oh, Maya, it was so magical!” She went on to recall most of what happened, with the others chiming in as well. Each took turns making comments and telling amusing accounts of what happened. When Richie and Jeff told of their meeting with Tom, everyone sat still and was especially interested, because the two boys had not related this encounter to the others. Richie had his notebook in hand as he spoke, “Tom said that his tribe of people makes paper out of some plant from Africa. Do you know what plant he is talking about, Maya?” “I’ve heard of some plant that is used for paper that does not have to be killed first, but I can’t remember where it comes from. I believe that the plant name begins with the letter K, but, I’m not really sure.” “I’ll check the internet tonight,” Richie replied. It seemed to take longer to recount everything that had happened than it did to experience it. It was mid -afternoon before they got to the end of their Fairy Tale. “My, my,”the old woman practically whispered these words she had a dreamy, youthful look upon her face as she took everything that they had said under consideration. She waited a few moments before saying anything, “It seems that you have a great decision to make, my dears. There are many beings waiting for your return. How do you feel about this responsibility?” “I’m going! I want to go back,” Doni announced, “It was so much fun! I want to see Topsy again.” He then turned to his brother. “You want to go too, right?” Richie nodded yes, “I’m going.” “Me too,” Jeff declared and put his arm around the shoulders of his best friend, “as I see it, we have nothing to lose by going back and maybe we can be of help.” Richie held up his notebook, “Yeah, and what a fantastic story it will make”, then looking back at Maya he said,” I guess I’ll need to get a new one. This one is filled”. “You’ve recorded all of your findings?” Richie nodded yes. “Why that’s wonderful, Richie, I look forward to reading your story when you’ve finished with all of your accounts.” Maya then gave her attention to the girls, “You’re awfully quiet, darlings.” “Adele’s not sure that she wants to go back,” Trudy looked at Adele as she spoke, but she was looking at the side of her head because Adele would not turn her head to look back, “but, I’m going back, for sure. I think that it is important for us to return.” Adele wouldn’t return Trudy’s gaze, nor did she speak. She was looking down at her shoes and rocking in the chair as if she were alone. Maya put her hand onto Adele’s, “This is an important decision and maybe some thought about your return is required,” she patted the hand, “I’m sure Adele will make a good decision.” “Oh, gosh!” Trudy jumped up from the floor, “What time is it?” Shading her eyes with one hand, Maya looked up to see where the sun was located. “It is close to four o’clock, Trudy. Why?” “My parents are hosting the monthly neighborhood pot-luck tonight and I told them I’d be home to help.” Everyone said their good-byes and took turns hugging Maya, the cat and dogs quit their game of chase and the dogs took off after their owners. Henry walked up the porch steps and stood by Maya, the two of them watched their departing visitors disappear over the hill. Maya sat back down in her rocker and picked up her iced tea. Henry jumped back up onto the railing, stretched his back, and then lay down. “It is a good day to die.” Maya smiled as she remembered this old Native American saying which meant that it was the best day of all days, “a very good day, indeed”.
Teaching the young has been a roller-coaster ride for me. This job has brought me through many of my personal questions about spirituality and given me a sense of purpose. I’ve written this book to inspire children to ask questions of their families and teachers for the purpose of finding their own values and beliefs.
This fairy tale is an adventure loaded with ideas to question. There is fantasy, truth, and legend laid out in a fun journey with seven children. These kids do not always agree with what they are told. They want the truth and are willing to go to the ends of the Earth to find it.
Living in Colorado has given me a great respect for Mother Nature and a love of animals that I hope runs through this book.

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